Janet Devlin's Christmas Album 2016 Little Lights

'Little Lights' A Gift for 2016

It is the season. It is that special time of year that comes around to bring childhood memories to life. You can hear the sleigh bells and church bells ring, carolers and mothers lift their voices and sing, and jolly old men once again kick up their heels and feel the lightness of youth pulsate through their veins, ah yes it is the holiday season. Once again this Christmas year we have been given an endearing present from the Irish singer-songwriter Janet Devlin. Another Christmas treasure she has bestowed  upon us and it is just as pure and sweet as a newborn babe. Last year Janet graced her listeners with her first Christmas EP, 'December Daze,' and this year just as sure as Rudolph and St. Nick's reindeer can fly, Janet Devlin has released her second music production entitled, 'Little Lights.'

Janet Devlin's voice is pleasingly fresh. As her fan base has continued to expand since she captured the hearts of viewers in 2011 on her appearance of The X-Factor UK. Along with her critically acclaimed debut album, 'Running With Scissors' in 2015 and her release to help raise awareness about online bullying, “Outernet Song” Janet Devlin's voice is quickly pronouncing  her abilities to write and evoke multiple layers of emotions.  Her voice is soothing and simple like a freshly fallen snow yet to be touched by humankind. 

'Little Lights' was recorded and produced by the award-winning producer Grame Pleeth and mastered by Christian Wright at what seems to be perfectly fitting the Abbey Road Studios. Featuring a mix of her own original material and a few Christmas classics, 'Little Lights' is the sparkling showcase for Janet's unique and enchanting vocal range. Blending an aphotic zone with the promises of upbeat and enchanting enlightenment Janet's indie-folk style breathes new life into the tried and true songs of familiar like, “White Christmas.” Janet even gives a shake to what was Slades seasonal song, “Merry Xmas Everybody” her charming rendition pays it much honor indeed.

The fast paced of folk telling comes along with the tune, “Something Beginning With Christmas,” it is just a fun song that you fall in love with and tap along to immediately. “Wake Up It's Christmas” is the opener for this delightful 6 track gift that Santa I am sure has ordered for his misses stocking this year. 

As the holidays approach this year present of lovely and good feeling music muses itself to be what we can hope to expect from Janet Devlin each and every year. We need to feel those emotions whether they are a somber longing for home, or missing a loved one, or even a tickle and peck on the cheek under the mistletoe toe, Janet Devlin's Christmas album is the “Christmas Kiss” we all are delighted to receive this jolly and hopeful season of peace and goodwill to all humankind. 

Pick up your copy and one or two extra for that special someone.
'Little Lights'

Track listing:
1. Wake Up It's Christmas
2. Merry Xmas Everybody
3. Merry Christmas Mum & Dad
4. White Christmas
5. Something Beginning With Christmas
6. Christmas Kiss

'Little Lights' available on Bandcamp 
Also through OkgoodRecords

'December Daze' from Janet Devlin's 2015 Christmas Album

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