Late Night Fights Interview with Ryan Guanzon

Sensory Overload Has Late Night Fights Soaring!
Interview with lead vocalist/guitarist: Ryan Guanzon of Late Night Fights
with Song River

Late Night Fights

From the heart of nugrunge/rock comes Late Night Fights out of Minneapolis. This rock trio Late Night Fights recently released the Official Music Video for "Nothing to Lose," off of their debut album Jousthouse.  Ryan Guanzon formerly of formerly of Photofinish/Atlantic Records recording artist New Medicine) lyrics bleed the essence of Late Night Fights debut EP, Jousthouse, along with his band mates, Shane Train Peckham on bass, and Daniel Sledgehammer Johnson on drums this is the today modern grunge. 

The video/single "Nothing to Lose" was the perfect first drop as it was, directed by Rev. John Wheeler, and filmed by Colton Otte, it tells a story in an open and honest way.  

Late Night Fights are currently shooting another video for their single “Saving Face” as they are also working on their next EP which they will be recording with Dan Korneff and James Harley at Sonic Debris Studios in New York next month. Busy doing what they only know how to do best... making their shred sound like it is here to stay.

Song River: How did the band members of Late Night Fights come together?

​Ryan Guanzon: ​ LNF really started as I was out touring a bunch with New Medicine and writing acoustically during the downtime. The tours we were on were like sensory overload and the shows and people were inspiring as hell. When New Medicine and I parted ways I went through a bunch of awesome turmoil that made the songs more aggressive. I met Daniel over a decade ago and watched him go from “awkward nice dude at hardcore shows” to the most pummeling drummer and pun master in Minneapolis. Then I met Shane (even though we’ve barely missed each other before) through Sam from our rocker friends VIA. After a round of bowling and a cup of soup now we just can’t get enough of each other.

Song River: Tuning in first to the single "Nothing To Lose"  the words alone convey the whole angst of uncertainty and the changes to shock when you meet someone. How much of the lyrical content was based on an experience?

​Ryan Guanzon: All of it. We’ve all befriended or fallen for at least one self-righteous asshole before and gotten deceived. The song is pretty much a big fuck you to anyone who will lie to you so that they can have what they want. Like in the video you never know someone until you walk in on them ball-gagging your homie.

Song River: With the strength of its lyrical content how did you go about choosing who would direct the video for it? 

​Ryan Guanzon: John Wheeler is a dark, twisted gear-genius industrial metalhead with a visual sense and sense of humor I have always appreciated. We've been in the scene playing together for a long time and his bands always look like they're from another planet, or the future or something. Then I discovered he was a bad ass music video director and so we got a beer and put together a plan. 

Song River: Once can see the influences Rev. John Wheeler brought to the video, "Nothing To Lose." Now how did Colton Otte come into the filming of it?  

​Ryan Guanzon: Cody and I used to work at this night club downtown together and when I saw his work I was like ‘Damn, this kid is going to do amazing things for the rest of his life.” Then I found out he worked for Rhymesayers, which rarely does anything bad. I asked him to be involved and he killed it. Cody has a very strong attention to detail. Matt Muegge definitely deserves a mention for designing the lighting as well. Add a naturally talented cast and good vibes and you get a pretty neato video if you ask me!

Rock n roll dreams do come true over a game of ...:bowling and a cup of soup."

Song River: Would you define your sound as a band to be very fitting to the heart of where you come from, Minneapolis? 

​Ryan Guanzon: Minneapolis is cool because it is very eclectic and diverse artistically. There is some rock but there’s really every style you can imagine coming out of here. It’s a place that gets 40 below zero in the winter so a lot of people lock themselves indoors and write music. I’ve played in death metal, contemporary, hip hop, hardcore, pop punk, and salsa bands. Shane plays in folk and metalcore bands and Daniel plays with the great Blue Ox. I feel like this city connects you with other types of musicians and forces you to experiment with sounds you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Song River: You have another video single coming, "Saving Face" and you are already working on dropping your next EP.  Jousthouse really has set the tone for your direction. Do you feel the next EP will define that clearer or do you feel your sound is defined close enough already?

​Ryan Guanzon: Yes. Looking forward to the "Saving Face" video! As far as the EP, we’re going to be recording with a different approach, so it will definitely sound different. But it will still be dynamic and big. There’s a lot of crazy shit going on in the world right now so it is an inspiring time to be writing!

Song River: Where can fans find and purchase your music and any tour plans coming up? 

​Ryan Guanzon: Our debut album Jousthouse is on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc, and our online store has signed hard copies. 

We’re writing right now and recording next month but plan to be hitting the road hard in the Spring. We’ll be putting some sneak peaks out during the process so look for that!

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