Sonic Syndicate- Album Review: Confessions

Sonic Syndicate- Album Review: Confessions

Despotz Records 
By: Song River

From the very start of this album you could not be sure where the tracks were going or where they were leading. At first the tone “Confessions” came beating out like an EDM bubble gum machine with a sickening lingering syrupy sound. If this what was to come, it was time to run. What was once the Swedish metal core sound of Sonic Syndicate now felt as if it might be lost and had no clue as to what its fifth studio album was supposed to be.

Aside from fractious music tracks, Sonic Syndicate is only left with one original band member, Nathan J Biggs, which is cool, no big deal, we think. Yet, here is this new album and the impression is there's a struggle beating somewhere inside of what and where Sonic Syndicate is supposed to be now. “Start a War” lyrically was far too predictable, but dang if it didn't get stuck in the head rhythms and melodic jams pretty fast. But once again crashing to the earth as the next song played, “Falling” the album went back to the EDM pop sound, which is fine if that is what this album was supposed to be. We just aren't clear on our side.

Sonic Syndicate’s newest album though still held out hope, it seemed to switch gears at about the halfway mark, somewhere right about ah...let's say... here, “Still Believe” a pop rock sound comes forth. It threw me off but I kept going as it was a feel good tune that sounded something like a earnest yearning emo pop kiddo might have written with Avril Lavigne sounding vocals mixed... (actually the female vocals come from LA based pop singer MADYX and she is that golden punch sound) okay it kind of felt good, at this point we might still be believing. Sounding clean, almost an early Third Eye Blind at times, “Crystallize” came with a hook that had the instrumentals bits staying inside your brain, a definite radio play. Unfortunately another song that was destined to not be a strong contender, as it bombed, sounding way too much like a Katy Perry tune was, “Burn to Live.” Sounding rather an thematic“Life Is Not a Map” is catchy and you could vision a bunch of rich, misunderstood angst filled teens pumping their fists to it, after listening to the track about five times it became clear that this too was a promising track.

This album honestly so far had left listening ears confused. It shows diversity, but the strength behind what has been created goes up and down. There are times you are grabbing the melodies and hooks are injected and you want to grab them and hold on because it is damn good... but then in another tune like, “Russian Roulette” it gets to sounding to trite and predictable. Closing out this all over the place album comes the song, “Closure.” Once again too predictable, but sweet. The cell phones could be seen lit among the audience of tweens as they sway and sing along to the emotive rock.

There is some decent stuff in here. What Sonic Syndicate just needs to do is breathe and allow what is mixing to gel and find its own voice. I think if this is the turn founding member Biggs is wanting to take, then grab a direction and run with it.

Nathan J. Biggs - Lead vocals
Robin Sjunnesson - Guitars

Michel Bärzén - Bass