Swing Hop Singing Artist Devin James Is Ready To Take His Sound To The Next Level

Genre Bending Swing-Hop Artist Devin James

Swing-hop your way over to Genre Bending Swing Hop Singing Artist Devin James!

Devin James is working on a collaboration with the Synful Sirens to take the swing-hop sound to another level...
Devin James stated, "We're looking to do sort of a Jessica Rabbit, 'Why Don't You Do Right' type vibe."

In 2017, Devin plan's to release a swing-hop EP with all the tracks that have been produced so far.

Devin James will also be shooting the official music video for "Cut a Rug" with Miss Shybaby as the co-star.  The team is hoping to obtain a permit to shoot on the streets of Centralia, WA. The area has a killer, old-timey pin-up vibe.  They have obtained permission from the restaurant they want to use, plus a vintage frozen yogurt shop.  They are just needing the permit, and cooperation from the city, and They'll be a GO!

Synful Sirens --

Miss Shybaby --

"Cut a Rug" is produced by Tony Ozier, with wicked Rockabilly guitar by Agyei Marshall.

Tony Ozier --

Agyei Marshall --

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