TUNE for Thursday: Janet Devlin's Song- "Outernet Song"

Following her successful run on UK’s X-Factor and her critically acclaimed debut album Running With Scissors, “Outernet Song” talks about the effects on social media upon today’s youth along with the effects of online bullying.

We at BANGS! Music & Entertainment support individuality and the freedom to create what we have been gifted.

Thank you Janet Devlin for creating a fresh new perspective, introspective, retrospective and 'outerspective' way of how we relate not only ourselves to others, but how we relate most importantly to our own self. 

The single "Outernet Song" feels fresh, fun and Devlin once again uses those catchy melodies and lyrics that make the pop sound of music taste as delightful as a big delicious pink piece of bubblegum on a spring day under the sunshine and running barefoot on the green grass. Devlin's song, "Outernet Song"  is refreshingly charming tune, with a pop of enchanting sweetness. 

"Outernet Song"