NEW YORK - Weapons of Anew has followed Friday's massive digital release of the track "Killshot" (OK!Good Records) with a brand new video, available today.
Filmed at Hammer Hands Gym and directed by Ron Geffen, the hard-hitting clip follows a contentious boxing match between actors/boxers Amber Skyes and Julian Rodriguez, illustrating the song's theme of the struggle between love and hate, interspersed with band in live action, also inside the ring.

Photo: Frank White
The video is based on a treatment written by frontman Ray West, who also penned the lyrics for the song. "Ray had written a treatment with a girl beating the breaks off a guy," said bassist Stefan 'Reno' Cutrupi. "Once we met Ron and discussed the concept, all of the pieces kind of just fell into place."
The video was a departure for director Geffen, though, who focuses more of his work on pop and EDM artists. "It was a fun time," he said. "I believe the video depicts the emotions and feelings of the band, and how they are able to put those emotions into words."
"Ron is a hard worker that really hustles, so he and I definitely bonded quickly," guitarist Freddy Ordine said. "Amber is actually Ron's girlfriend and she has a hell of a right hook! She was actually punching Julian in the face with the first punch. Ron now knows not to piss her off!"

Photo: Frank White
The shoot was the first time in a ring for the members of Weapons of Anew, even if they didn't throw any punches themselves. "It actually felt very small," Reno said. I give boxers even more respect than I already did. That feeling of no getting away from your opponent really hit home."
Added West: "It was very comfortable. I love to perform and to be on sets. I even love the endless takes. My fave is singing in double time. It's very humbling."

Weapons of Anew -

Weapons of Anew - "Killshot"

The "Killshot" single is available via for purchase iTunes, Bandcamp and the OK!Good Records website. The track is also streaming on SoundCloud.