Americana Band- D.L. Marble Set for 2017
Hitting the NAMM Show Come January

Clearly the hit you have been waiting for "Country Love Song" sums up the emotions we have all felt about love..."You stole my heart and my credit cards... I hope you die..."
D.L. Marble's 2016 release, "Country Love Song" brought all of the words, sounds, and fun that Americana music has been waiting for! Good times music, with a little rock n roll edge is what D.L. Marble has created.
2017 will see D.L. Marble on stage at the NAMM Show (Find them on the Nissan Grand Plaza Stage 1/19/2017 at 12:00 PM for a 40 minute performance) and sharing the stage with singer-songwriter Whitney Rose. Tons of new material has been written, so studio time and a promise of a new album are well under way!

More Information on D.L. Marble:

With the sounds of the carefree tumbleweeds and hot sands of the southwestern deserts planted firmly into the band, D.L. Marble is the heart and soul of American storytelling. Beginning in the 1990's D.L. Marble set their pace to bring back the art of mixing storytelling, emotions, good times and the keen traditional blends of Country, Americana, Rock, and Soul. With influences like Robert Earl Keen, Ray Wiley Hubbard & Fleetwood Mac, they have developed a sound that is genuine and uniquely relatable to all who love Americana music. Many of the characters that populate D.L.’s songs come from his own personal experiences growing up in a less than ideal version of the American dream. D.L. was raised by a single mom while his dad spent decades in a Texas prison. Looking for an escape from his situation at home and school, D.L. picked up his first acoustic guitar and discovered his true calling. After trying his hand at several professions, D.L. kept coming back to his songwriting, it was the one constant in his life. D.L. knew that he could no longer ignore his musical destiny. The result was his debut album titled Not the One
(Remastered and re-released. Available digitally everywhere) that was a critical success – earning an Album of the Year #22 ranking at the 2012 Americana Music Show and #25 on Alternate Roots Magazine’s 2012 Route 66 Americana Chart, along with radio play on over 60 stations across the U.S.
Touring the United States for the past few years has been a tremendous part of building D.L.’s fan base. Sharing the stage with music icons such as Ray Wylie, Robert Earl Keen, Hayes Carll and dozens more; D.L. and his band have proven that music and storytelling are all their own and their fans can identify with each lyric and note. In the spring of 2015 D.L. and his band partnered up with producer Rob Hill at his Los Angeles studio, and they released D.L.’s sophomore album Hard to Quit to an anxious audience hungry for some exciting and honest new music. Hard to Quit contains 12 original songs that tell stories of the tragedy and triumphs of an American life.
Watch for a new album in 2017!

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"Country Love Song"

Record Label: Casa Music Group

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