BANGS! Music & Entertainment Magazine presents- In the Key of Change with Waterparks

Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography
In the Key of Change is produced by editor-in-chief of In the Key of Change, Jackie Cular. We will be sharing some of their interviews here on BANGS! Music & Entertainment once a week with you.

The first one we are featuring from In the Key of Change is with Waterparks.

This is a website that merges music with the social causes and charities bands support. We interview bands that are bringing CHANGE to the music scene by doing something different—not just following the same, tired formulas. 

We talk with bands that are bringing CHANGE to the world by working to help charities and by bringing important social causes to light through their celebrity and through their microphones. We speak with charities to teach others that having a social conscience is important and essential. 

Through the views of our online interviews and through the sale of autographed donated band merchandise, ITKOC is able to raise money to help Music Drives Us, which is a Boston-area charity that provides music instruments and therapies. For more information please visit: In the Key of Change.

Waterparks, interview Vans Warped Tour

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