This Lady is Laying Down Some Killer Bass: Interview with Bassist Kiki Lloyd of Rebels Over Flames

Interview with Kiki Lloyd Bassist for Rebels Over Flames
by: Lily Steele

Photo Credit: Derek Soto

Coming in just a few weeks ago to a band that had already written their songs for their debut album some might see as a challenge, but not so for musician Kiki Lloyd. She takes everything that comes her way with the same vigor and game plan... focus, focus, focus... conquer. 

Her pulse keeps the rhythm line running smooth and her attitude is the delicious chomp of female confidence. With an attitude and talent that match, Kiki Lloyd is here to show the hard rock world just how it is done. 

Lily: I read that you just recently replaced the bass player, how fast did you have to learn the music for the EP?

Kiki: I'd say I had about two weeks to learn all the songs.

Lily: What is it like playing with a bunch of guys?

Kiki: It's pretty cool...these guys are awesome and I've learned a lot since joining with the Rebels. 

Lily: Do you personally like hard rock and metal? What other kinds of music do you like?

Kiki: Oh yeah, I love hard rock and metal. The majority of the time that's what's coming through the stereo. I'm also into r&b, pop, rap, house music, whatever has a good beat.

Lily: How long have you been playing the bass?

Kiki: A little over a month now, I previously played guitar and always wondered how it would be to play bass.

Lily: Do you kind of feel bad ass since you are now with this group of hard rockers? Do the guys treat you more like a sister? It seems like many bands really are family.

Kiki: I wouldn't say bad ass because I still feel like the same cool Ki,  but it's like a sense of (paused) WOW. I feel this is my second family we eat, shit and breathe together. 

Lily: What did you enjoy the most about making your debut EP Blair Witch in My Backyard?

Kiki: I would say the challenge of learning the songs in such a short period. Also I'd have to give the credit to the previous bassist creating the EP with the guys.

Lily: Where did the name for the EP Blair Witch in my Backyard originate from? Is there a story behind the name or was it chosen at random?

Kiki: Well our lead singer came up with the name being inspired by the actual movie. And some of the songs from the EP really grew the name into a for sure thing.

Lily: What is a day in the studio with Rebels Over Flames like? 

Kiki: Hilarious that's all I can say! (laughed)

Lily: I was looking at your photoshoot and you all looked like you had a blast.  Who was your photographer for the album?

Kiki: Hell yea it was a blast...check our YouTube and Facebook we definitely have a behind the scenes video. Derek Soto the man with the plan. He knows his stuff and will have you feeling like the person of the century. 

 Lily: Is there a producer or musician that you would like to collaborate with sometime?

 Kiki: There are so many I really don't know where to start. BeyoncĂ© of course all hail Queen B. Imagine a crazy rock collab with Rebels EPIC!

Lily: What is next for Rebels Over Flames and you?

Kiki: So many ideas, but most importantly growing as a musician. 

Lily: What advice would you like to share with aspiring musicians who are looking to get started?

Kiki: I'd say there is no age limit to when to start. Don't be afraid to ask people for help or just questions in general. Always hold on to your dream never let it go.

Rebels Over Flames:
Lead Vocals: Bam Garrido
Guitars/backing vocals: Johnny 6
Guitars: Zimmy Zee
Bass: Kiki Lloyd
Drums: E3
HardRock/Metal out of NYC

Behind the scenes with Rebels Over Flames Photoshoot:

Dream A Little Dream Video Single

To purchase Rebels Over Flames debut EP: "Blairwitch In My Backyard" visit: Cannonball.Rocks

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