Interview with Yessi Burton of the Experimental Metal Band: Chrysalis

with Your Queen of All That Rocks & Metal- Salacious Jane

Kicking up the dirt just outside Barstow, California this bad ass attitude of being different isn't just a badge of honor work by these band mates of Chrysalis. No, this is the core of what they are. Chrysalis is true to the definition of underground, experimental and that creation to make metal only within the mind's own parameters... just remember they are yours and not theirs. This crack in the sidewalk of life is where you find the truth, the heart, the soul of what a band is.

With a strong forceful directive and the openness to embrace whatever life is going to throw their way, Chrysalis creates their own unmistakable sound.

Salacious Jane: How is the underground indie/metal scene these days? 

Yessi Burton: It sucks. At least it does for a band like us. Chrysalis doesn't fit into underground sub-genres in the US. And we're definitely not the only band who has that problem with the underground.  If you're doing anything outside the norm musically, you'll often be met with indifference and a cold shoulder.
But there have to be bands like that. Those are the ones who eventually push things forward. It just takes time for new things to catch on. There once was a point where today's popular underground scene was just an idea and a handful of artists. 

SJ: It would seem there must be some advantages to being in that scene.

Yessi Burton: There are some. We've played really good shows with break down bands like Face Your Maker, who are of a completely different style than us. Some fans of that style will understand what we're doing, but many of them don't like that I sing over heavy guitars. 

It's bar crowds that are often completely thrown off by us. They're so used to heavy music being something that's sort of macho. Something like Five Finger Death punch that you pump your fist to. So if we throw a tempo change at them, they're just like.. "WTF?" But for those who get it, they become our most dedicated fans. 

So we're pretty cool with being the band you either love or hate. 

SJ: Your sound really can bounce around. The openness of diversity is a breath of fresh air. Is the ability found in Chrysalis music to create a variety of styles and sounds unique this day in age in the realm of metal/rock/experimental?

Yessi Burton: It's unique in the way we do it. I read a review on the album recently that said we're alternative with progressive tendencies and I think that's accurate, but in a stylistic sense. I feel the words progressive or experimental have come to describe bands with guitar shredders. We're not too big on that.  We just try to make good songs and we happen to like different kinds of music.

SJ: Barstow, California is where you all hail from. What was the scene like out there when you all began your journey back in high school?

Yessi Burton: The screamo scene was just making its way into our hometown when we were in high school. We played those kinds of shows but were often seen as outsiders because we were too heavy. But on the other hand, we weren't heavy enough for the metal shows. We've just always been somewhere in the middle.

SJ: I understand the first full-length album landed you on Warped Tour back then. What did you all think at that time about all that was happening?

Yessi Burton: It was cool. I love warped tour because they embrace variety and I think we'll find our place in that circuit really soon. 

SJ: What have been some of the most valuable lessons you have learned from that point of time, Warped... to this last album, Reminder released on January 13th? 

Yessi Burton: I don't know if there's a specific lesson.  Just keep working hard and moving forward. 

 SJ: You had chosen "My Eternity" a dark, horror video track as your first drop. How did you feel about taking the horror approach and mixing the elements of revenge and the supernatural?

Yessi Burton: We just knew we wanted to do something cinematic with the video.  Horror seemed like the obvious choice because it matches the dark tone of the song.  The director, Jonathan Martin, actually came up with video concept.

SJ: Going through each track, each can stand on its own. The rock song "Out Of My Hands" was beautiful and showcased the vocals and melodies to move like an ocean wave, raging, pulling and flowing with ease. "Angel" seems to do the same, easing the listener in and throwing a full throttle down of force. Overall do each of you have a preference for music presentation and structure?

Yessi Burton: No.  We're into all sorts of different types of music whether it be complex music with non-standard structuring or simple catchy music with a traditional structure.

When we're building a song, we don't try and force it into anything, we just let it develop and see where it takes us.

SJ: "Halo" seemed to really step out on its own on this album. It is multi-layered and catches the ear. The guitar works are impeccable. What is the back story on this song?

Yessi Burton: It started out as a very simple song.  It was a rough idea we had laying around.  When we went into the studio we originally picked just 10 songs to record, and "Halo" didn't even make the cut.  At the last minute, we got the go ahead to do 13 songs and decided to do "Halo."

As we worked on the song in the studio, we started adding in keyboards and vocal layers.  It worked really well.  By the time we were done with it, it became this really lush layered rock song with good dynamics.  It's a song that's not catchy right away but grows on you over time.

SJ: Roping in a punk side "Dancing In Circles" really catches that side of Deftones, then you go off into the next track, "Daydreamer" and the sound hints of another path this album continues to take the listener on. Has anyone ever said to you, "Your music is boring?" It would seem they'd be daft if they did. You have mastered so many variants in rock. 
Yessi Burton: Most people say that our sound is interesting if anything.  Even if they don't like it. 

SJ: Who have been some of your major influences over the years, as the final track, "Up The Stairs" closes this album? Who is the other vocalist on this track?

Yessi Burton: Lacuna Coil is my biggest inspiration. I love the dual male and female vocal parts. On the other hand, I love Deadmau5 and his genius approach to creating a sound that's unmistakably his own. Nothing is off the table when it comes to inspiration.  

Brigitte Roka from the band, Aboleth, is the featuring vocalist on the entire album.  It was a challenging collaboration because she has a Janis Joplin type of voice. We wanted her to do a more operatic kind of style while, at the same time, keep some of her own grittiness that makes her Brigitte.

It took some work, but she obviously nailed it. Especially on "Sleep in the Rain."
SJ: You have a relatively short tour in support of this new album almost at its end. Are there plans already in the works to get back out on the road soon afterward?

Yessi Burton: Not at the moment. We plan on shooting a live version of the album as well as some live studio sessions. There might even be some acoustic versions in the works. 

SJ: Which song off the new album, Reminder, will be your next video drop?

Yessi Burton: "Out of My Hands." I die in a car crash and the guys play the roles of cops and paramedics. It was a fun video to shoot.  

SJ: When you are out on tour, tell me as a band does you prefer to tour with similar genres or are you open to punk, pop punk, hard rock, melodic metal, and so on? 

Yessi Burton: Since we fall in between many of those sub-genres, we've had the privilege of touring with all different kinds of bands. Personally, I prefer to tour with progressive or hard rock bands because they're more open to listening in on something different. There's just too much elitism in the metal scene and I'm afraid we just don't fit into their bubble. 

SJ: Finally, as you look out over 2017- where are the eyes set on this year?

Yessi Burton: Snorting more coke, banging more hookers and getting kicked out of more venues. NOT! [laughed].

Seriously, we're going to get on some bigger tours so look out for us and come check out our live set.  Even if you don't like our music, our light show is sure to blow your fucking mind. Chrysalis is a very audio visual kind of experience.

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"My Eternity"

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