Negative Sky
Interview with band lead vocalist: Dan Caputo

Negative Sky brings a diverse mixture that finds itself stirring up thought-provoking Metalcore sounds with an aggressiveness that causes a unique grind. Taking their attitude towards life out of Central New Jersey and overlaying it with melody, technique, and a heavy laden tight channeling. Their sound sets them apart as a notably distinguishable breed of Metalcore.

Having worked with Corey Pierce, John Kita and Mitch Cox of Conclave Studios, Negative Sky released their first single/video, “The Dark Unknown.” When will the full-length album come out? Lead vocalist Dan Caputo reveals this, along with the album's title.

Negative Sky has been unleashed and they are like a tightly wound spring... full loaded, ready and cocked to blast their Metalcore over the waiting masses.

" honest with your creativity and your performances..." Dan Caputo

BANGS!:  Placing Negative Sky's sound in a roundabout description of aggressive but thoughtful development seems almost too complicated. What is Metalcore to you?

Dan Caputo: A combination of Metal and Hardcore (paused) and though we tend to fall into that category, I believe that our level of diversity is what helps set us apart.

BANGS!: How do you develop diversity in Metalcore? What and how do you go about choosing the elements you want to choose from and mix in?

Dan Caputo: The key for us I think is that no matter what we are writing, our main focus is feel and groove and maintaining fluidity from section to section so that no matter what we write, the parts work together in a way that makes you feel like they belong there regardless of how different the parts may be. Once you are able to do that more naturally, it lends a lot to creativity down the road.

BANGS!: Innovation along with communication seems to be at the forefront of today's music demands. What does Negative Sky do to develop these important elements?

Dan Caputo: I think the most important thing is, to be honest with your creativity and your performances. Real recognizes real, so to speak, and in an increasingly plastic and shallow existence these days, I feel like the humanity we have been burying under technological advances is crying out for something real to feel and believe in again. (paused) It’s hard to feel alive when you live in virtual societies made up of computer programs.

BANGS!: In the burst of excitement back in 2011 it is noted Dan that you carried out on stage the lyrics to your songs in order to perform the first time.  What was that experience like?

Dan Caputo: Actually it was in 2010 at Vans Warped Tour. We played at Monmouth Park in 100-degree weather, and I was so excited about the new song we had at that time that I wanted to play it out as soon as possible. So I brought my lyrics for the song "Disasteroid" scrawled out on a couple sheets of paper. I sang that set after 12 hrs of madness and heat exhaustion and I'll never forget belt broke, and I was sweating so much my pants were sliding down while I was trying to read small words on a wet piece of paper, good times! (laughed) All in all, it worked out well and that song wound up being one of our fans favorites!

BANGS!: It almost seems along the way at the right time each building block has come into the world of Negative Sky to help form what you showed the world you had.  What is it each member uniquely brings to NS?

Dan Caputo: Definitely individuality and also different levels of creativity and approach while balancing out the heart and the mind...basically we are all fucking weird!

BANGS!: The addition of Danny Puma and guitars and backing vocals along with JJ Sammataro on guitar seems to be the key to that unique high-bred sound that sets NS as its own. How did Puma come into the band?

Dan Caputo: He works at the studio we rehearse in and overheard that we were looking to add a guitarist. When he tried out he blew us away! He did his homework, and we were excited to have him be a part of Negative Sky.

BANGS!: Live and in the studio it must be pretty cool watching Sammataro and Puma fire up the metal axes! Dan your first EP came out in 2013 Death of the Sun, with "Disasteroid" being a strong contender.  Now at the end of 2016 comes the first single, "The Dark Unknown."  First of all, why a three-year wait?

Dan Caputo: After the EP we played out for a while to support it, and we made some contacts that would lead to us recording our full length. We were given the opportunity to take our time doing pre-production sessions for each of the songs we thought would be good for the record, and after some months we began tracking them. Once we heard how good things were sounding, we realized that our need for two guitarists had become more important than ever so that we could achieve the next level to our sound.

So began the hunt for a second axe grinder which took a few months before finally adding Puma to the mix. The record had been in its final phase of production, and all the while we had been breaking Puma in by playing out a lot and beginning to write more material, and now here we are on the edge of the release of Placid Black. Great things take time.

BANGS!: Who did you work with producing the single "The Dark Unknown" and on the full-length album, Placid Black, how soon will it be released?

Dan Caputo: We worked with Corey Pierce of God Forbid, John Kita of Diecast, and Mitch Cox of Conclave Studios (where the record was recorded in New York). Our album, Placid Black, it will be released soon.

BANGS!: I heard you had record in a 119 degree warehouse for the video, “The Dark Unknown.” That heat must have been the right ticket for getting the sound you wanted. Question, do your fans need to be as hot in order to witness your performing? Or do you like the blazing heat that comes out of the desert southwest? Arizona at times hits well into those high numbers.

Dan Caputo: (laughed) Don’t matter if you’re hot or Arizona or the North'll be seeing us, and we will be seeing you \m/!

Band Lineup:
JJ Sammataro - Guitars
Dan Caputo - Lead Vocals
George Pond - Bass
Danny Puma - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Tom Fitzgibbon - Drums 

“The Dark Unknown”