Album Review: Rage Meets Sincerity in .bipolar.'s Newest EP "Seven".

by Staff Writer/Editor: Cindy Dunn

Admittedly, Heavy Metal/Screamo isn't the type of music I listen to for long periods of time during my day. Garbled rage isn't a sound I need much of at any given time. If I'm that pissed off I usually clean the house or eat something very high in calories. However, sometimes Heavy Metal hits the spot just right. But it has to be good, like .biopolar.'s new EP Seven.

As a music writer and avid listener I want to understand what a song is about. I want to understand the other person's place, their journey. I need more than the rage. I need to perceive more than just the anger. I want to know specifically what caused it. With Seven .bipolar. has provided four new, satisfying, Heavy Songs.

Lead singer, Charlie Hanks, blends the opposing emotions of rage and sincerity effectively with the strength of her voice. Her voice travels skillfully from blind-heavy-metal-rage to unexpected softness, which allows us to understand these four new songs on Seven. This blending of feelings allows us to understand the emotional journey more easily.

Of course the songs all have a hard-driving beat and drums that could drive a six-inch spike through a 2x4. It wouldn't be good Metal if it didn't. But with Seven, .bipolar. provides that little extra I'm always hoping for when I listen to new music: substance.

"PYRITE" is the strongest of the four new songs. Equating a person to pyrite. Everybody thinks them to be shining, beautiful, and valuable. But all they are is a worthless fake. Very clever, that.

That kind of skill doesn't come to an artist overnight. .bipolar. has been in its current incarnation since 2008, with members Charlie Hanks (vocals), Chris Kmit (bass), Brian Hanks (drums), Jaisen Hinds (guitar), and Kevin Lemus (guitar).

According to what little information I could find about .bipolar. they've spent a great deal of that time touring up and down the West Coast, playing with thousands of other bands. I had to stop and think about that for a second. To play and sing articulated rage, night after night for weeks. Damn. I'm impressed at the stamina such a feat demands. No wonder Seven feels effortless and genuine. Well done,.bipolar.

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