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LOS ANGELES, CA | FEBRUARY 24, 2017: Hailing from Coachella, CA, rising indie-alternative rock band Bear Fight is thrilled to unveil their latest single, titled "She," exclusively with Paste Magazine today. When you're presented with music by Bear Fight, you're going to get energetic songs that are created with passion. Recorded by The Colourist's Adam Castillas at Grandmaster Studios, "She" is a short poem composed freely by Michael Ramirez, later put to a simple yet very emotional musical performance. The lyrics make up an anti-love song about someone that is far too distant to continue loving. It is inspired by longing and melancholy emotion, delivered in a desperate manner through the music. The band elaborates:

"The three-chord song was written in about 10 minutes, and was last on the list during pre-production. We didn't know this would eventually be "the song." Around 2am, finishing recording, our drummer Ryan spontaneously said, 'Mike, take me to She real quick.' He laid down a massive drum part to inspire the rest of the song's direction, two minutes and forty seconds of longing and emotional power. We knew we had sparked something that we had not heard before." - Matthew Sutton

Bear Fight is a genre-bending indie-alternative band infused with cross-generational blues, soul and rock. The members of Bear Fight established themselves as musicians and as lifelong friends at a very young age in the Desert of Palm Springs. The band gained vast experience, working and recording with a multi-platinum musician and producer, Ronnie King, giving the band a taste of what the music industry was all about. The band soon after exhausted the Desert and its venues, from winning Best of the Valley award for musical artist, to opening for acts like The Expendables and Fitz and the Tantrums. In fact, Bear Fight has performed over 250 shows in their time, gaining tremendous experience that separates them from other artists. Bear Fight most looks forward to performing their live shows as they state, "[they] are what we live for, we are not strangers to the stage or to the world of music and are ready to live out what we preach."

Bear Fight's music aims to join the past with present, using style and recording influences that stretch across decades like the 60's and 70's style soul and rock n' roll, combined with new advances in music technology such as sampling and other innovative production techniques. They hear the same thing when people hear their music: no one can accurately describe it or name another artist that they sound like. Recently, Bear Fight relocated to Los Angeles and have been excited to release new music with a new image to the public to mimic the success they had in the Desert. The band claims, "We are life long friends and life long musicians. We can't wait to add our fuel to the spark that has been created recently in our culture, that is the realizing of genuine musicianship and appreciation for the past."

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