Concert Review: 24 Thorns

Sometimes, you come across that one band… 
And this is that ONE band, 24 Thorns.

by Teri Wright/ Eyes of Jade Media/ Staff Writer for BANGS! Music & Entertainment Magazine

Once in awhile, there are bands you stumble upon and as you listen to each lyric and every beat mounted upon their even more tight guitar riffs, you witness how they work together as a whole. It is so overwhelmingly impressive when that happens you find yourself catching your breath and wondering out loud, "How has this band NOT been picked up and signed by a major label?" 

24 Thorns' sound quality, vocalist pitch, and everything else amazes the listener when hearing their song, “The Way It’s Supposed To Be”.  (Personally, I had to listen to it on repeat because it grabbed me the first time I heard it). Their expertise sends chills of excitement; they are a band you must go and see live.  

The question that came first to mind when listening to their music was: could they duplicate this sound in person? Without question, THIS band does – Joker (Lead vocals) gives you what he has, and that is heart and passion for his music. The words flow out of him in rhythm and timing. That genuineness resonates from recording to live. Lyrically, everything occurring worldwide emanates on a level that one can grasp and embrace.

24 Thorns began in 2009 with two members from two separate bands that came together and created a sound that is melodic, hard driven in the lyrical content, and the change up of riffs and the metal sound is astoundingly precise.  It’s a sound you will recognize as their own distinguished brand; it is 24 Thorns. The uniqueness and diversity of this band as a whole are very compelling and should be made a staple in this industry.  

Whether a small venue or large, 24 Thorns has what it takes to give you everything you’d expect in a heavy metal band live or recorded. 

They have opened for many headliners ranging from Prong, Helmet, Sponge, Authority Zero, and many other elites. 24 Thorns show themselves to be among the quick rising bands to keep your eyes on in 2017.

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*Teri Wright will soon have an interview with 24 Thorns for BANGS! Music & Entertainment! 


Joker (Vocals)
Storm (Lead/Rhythm) 
Chuck (Bass)
Daniel (Rhythm/Lead)
Chris (Drums)

More Information:

"The Way It's Supposed To Be"