Concert Review: Set to Stun Tour with Knee High Fox, Death Valley, Powerman 5000 and Orgy

Recently at a local concert venue, Club Red in Mesa, Az., The Set to Stun Tour scored major shots as Orgy and Powerman 5000 along with local bands Interfate and As Thick As Thieves, plus co-headliners Knee High Fox and Death Valley High blasted their fans. Clearly, from the packed venue, this tour was the jam these fans came out for and needed.

Both Phoenix local bands Interfate and As Thick As Thieves have rightly set themselves up to be the coursing pumper to create these metal shots of bliss. Interfate's band members have been tearing up the soundwaves with some beastly gears. Band members: J-Money [lead vox & guitar caresses], Ty. [bass & backing vocals], and Charles [drums] have gathered quite a deep and wide fanbase. What makes Interfate unique is each member has brought in with them different music history to blend a sound that is late 90's grunge and early 2000's nu-metal. It works, whatever their blend.

Cueing up quickly another shot of what Phoenix, Arizona has to offer came in the form of As Thick As Thieves. Cranking the mantra of “Arizona's Rock N' Rugged 5 Piece!” this progressive rock feels the shards of metal quite nicely. Nate Butcher's vocals are ready and primed, his stage presence a smackdown to lead their audience. With the power of guitarists, Kenny Barton and Zach Banks the surge of pure steel comes piercing through. Drummer Ryan Mabee sits tight as the perfect drummer for their sound and kicking the climb up and over the wall their bassist Ryan Robles stands with the best. As Thick As Thieves has enjoyed being featured on local Phoenix station 98 KUPD's Playdio.

Fired up to crunch some bones Knee High Fox bleeds what the crowded venues are thirsty for. LA band Knee High Fox is stripped bare, there isn't any pretense to be had for this alt/rocking indie band. Lead vocalist Krsy Fox is the tail of this torched metal/electronic nasty feeling in your groin area band and they are hellaciously good.

Death Valley High has always been a part of the Orgyfaith and their part in the tour as co-headliners or bangers made the launch of tons of tunes a play through. Death Valley High, Orgy and Powerman 5000 cannot be beaten. DVH has stood a huge passage of time and their fanbase supports them wherever they go. This past November alt-rockers Death Valley High released their new album, CVLT [AS FVK] and its cinematic rock structure is gritty, dirty, and a wave of dance beats. DVH relishes itself on being that mix of dark Gothic rapture blended into your wounds of pop punk fetish. A sonic meld every time they perform you are left wanting more.

Over the years there is something about Powerman 5000 lead vocalist, Spider One (aka Michael David Cummings) that formulates a binge of what it must be like to have everyone know you are Rob Zombie's 'little' brother, but you ardently carry yourself as your own person and have created some of today's most influential styles of music.

Powerman 5000 is over 25 years old, this means they have been bringing their industrial metal sound over and over in a manner of expansive intensity. How many bands can commit to such? Only a few. PM5K out of Massachusetts formed back in 1991 and when one of their top 40 hits come screaming at you live such as, “When World's Collide” you stop, take notice and pay respect. The Set to Stun Tour mix was the perfect home set up for PM5K and they should it mattered to them to be out there, playing, jamming, screeching, giving all of what they have to their fans.

After a brief stage change and sound check, one of Arizona's favorites took the stage, and finished the night setting their own power chord agenda as Orgy blew out the doors with their track,”Talk Stick.” Immediately diving into the next tumble Orgy let loose with their '98 tune, “Dissention” and the crowd was from that point on in their command.

Orgy took their time as their well-known hits spanning a time allotment of over two decades breathed their rock career force with “Suckerface” and even spent themselves with a newer tune, “Gface.” There is a defining entity Orgy and PMK5 have in overdrive and that is the ability to keep everyone in their crowd in motion. No one quit moving throughout their set and even Krsy Fox came out and joined them on stage for a tune. Debuting a yet released song, “Army To Your Party” showed that Orgy still creates fresh and exciting music for today's Orgy fans as well as yesterday's.

The Set to Stun Tour kept to its word, the mix always performs to their highest and all the crowd felt that sense of success. Although this part of the tour has now concluded it won't be long before they will all be back stateside either together or tour with other like-minded breeds of rock. Both Orgy and Powerman 5000 have some new music in-the-works and towards the end of early February, Powerman 5000 will in the lineup with (hed) p.e. for more touring in The States, while Orgy heads to Europe with Death Valley High in support. Either way, you mix it The Set to Stun Tour was a ball over power tool that knocked you out. 

Further touring information: Check each band's website.


As Thick As Thieves

Knee High Fox

Death Valley High


Powerman 5000

"How To Be Human" Powerman 5000 

"Talk Sick" (Live) Orgy

"Lolita" Knee High Fox

"Ick Switch" Death Valley High

"Take You Down"  As Thick As Thieves 

"Fear" Interfate