Interview: Another Lost Year with Clinton Cunanan

There is no such thing as quick and easy...

"Some say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not..."

BANGS!: Some may look at Another Lost Year, who were founded in 2011, and say..."This band has had it quick and easy."  Well, we all know nothing is ever quick or easy.  What do you say?

Clinton Cunanan: Quick and easy is a relative term. Some days it seems like we're cruising on easy street, some days we're selling plasma just to survive. We've had a few record deals, scored music for TV and the NFL, we've literally played out of the country, traveled the entire US, and it's been because we chased a dream. "Some say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not..." that's a Dinner For Schmucks reference for the folks who think I'm an idiot. I just confirmed it. 

BANGS!: Today's technology makes connecting with others simple, yet at times it can be impersonal. How do you find that balance in letting your fans know they matter, and keeping it real?

Clinton Cunanan: I live my public life the same as I do my private life. I think that's one of the appeals of us as a band. Which is a tough thing at times. I think always being real is what people come to appreciate about you and how they know they matter. 

BANGS!: Looking at your recent count of endorsements, there are six, how many are there in total currently and what have endorsements meant for you as rockers and taking ALY to where you want it to be?

Clinton Cunanan: We've had a few. PRS has been great to us. Guitar Center was a ballin' sponsor til they lost a ton of money and took away a lot of our perks. Most of our sponsors like HeadCase, Puncture Wounds, GHS are close friends of ours who have been instrumental in getting us off the ground. 

BANGS!: Talk about your intro on your album, Alien Architect.

Clinton Cunanan: I like Jeff Daniels. And the newsroom. Also the message is super vague and causes you to think. America can be great again, but because of the people. Not the system. 

BANGS!: Different songs influence the listener depending on their own baggage and perspective. "This Is Life" seemed to really be telling a personal story.

Clinton Cunanan: I write about what I know. I love painting pictures with words. This is life is probably my favorite on the album oddly enough. I had reached out to a songwriter guy I know, asked if we wanted to colab on a song. He "big leagued" me. Thing is, his band wasn't even a band anyone would know. I wanted to work with people who were good because they were good, not because other people said they were. I wanted to work with people who inspired me and seemed to want the same thing. The album debuted at #8 on Billboard. He emailed saying we should work together..... 

"America can be great again, but because of the people. Not the system."- Cunanan

BANGS!: The song, "We All Die Alone" really seemed to come out fighting as a quick rising favorite of your fans. Is there a video in production soon for this particular track?  If so, when can your fans expect it?

Clinton Cunanan: We released a jaint for WADA, it's about PTSD and the affect it has. I have a ton of friends I served with suffering from PTSD and a few that have actually taken their own life. That song is a special one to me. 

BANGS!: Your first video released was "Wolves" who did you work with on the production? 

Clinton Cunanan: A friend of mine Chris Lafferty, he helped me shoot it, and I worked for several days in a frozen warehouse working on lighting, how to set up the continuous shots, in the dead of winter with no heat. It wasn't the most fun, but I learned a lot. I spent a solid 5 days editing, and my computer crashed. It took me another 2 days to recover. And actually ended up with the product you see now. 

BANgS!: Rocklahoma is on your agenda in May of this year. Aside from the amazing tour you are currently on, what is it about this festival in particular that all of you are really looking forward to?

Clinton Cunanan: For lack of sounding excited, the appeal of festivals was always who was playing them. The downfall is its all the same headliners as the other major festivals. The upside, is we are playing it, and have you seen the headliners?! (laughed) 

Another Lost Year’s Videos can be seen here: 

We All Die Alone


"We All Die Alone"