Interview with Unsigned Band- After The Calm

Dreams start somewhere and they begin with a beat. A meticulous perseverance to succeed and a strong sense of connecting with people have built a foundation to where Phoenix, Arizona's own After The Calm will be opening for Waterparks on the date of February 13th at the local rock n roll hangout, Joe's Grotto. Call it when preparedness met one night with opportunity. 

Strong influences flow through After The Calm ranging from A Day to Remember to Blink 182- their sound is conglomeration of Hardcore Rock and Pop Punk Rock makes them diverse enough to stand out. 

Affectionately tagged by his band mates, drummer Kody Rattler, is known as the "blue-eyed bombshell" and is notably the thunder behind the band. The first single release off their album, Ignis Fatuus, shakes the earth with the defining presence of Rattler's power. 

Finishing this mix is the guitar player, David Nunez, who is known to be the driving "ideas man" of the set, along with Jonathan Habermacher who rocks ...The Calm as their rhythm guitarist man, and Henry Cota sinks the power that brings those bridges together and makes them reach as their bassist. Finishing this bundle of energy is the lit piece of dynamite, Logan Miracle, who is the perfect frontman as his energy and vocals stretch far beyond the venues walls. 

After The Calm is the strength of determination, far reaching licks, applied power and vivacity to be the force of reactive Rock.

After The Calm, "Make real connections."

Song River: A combination of pop punk and post-hardcore seems to fit. Listening to your album Ignis Fatuus, released in September of 2016 instrumentally leans to the pop punk, but vocally it relays post-hardcore. Does this combination help give you a broader audience?

Kody Rattler: Definitely. Blending genres allows you to branch out to multiple audiences while giving you the opportunity to try new things. 

Song River: Haboob's a summer occurrence during the monsoon season in Arizona. After The Calm's home base is Phoenix, Az. did your band name take itself from an experience in Arizona?

Kody Rattler: The story of how we came up with the name wasn't really related to anything in Arizona, but it did require a rather meticulous process. With several key factors like that, it had to start with the letter A, we came together one day and threw a slew of names onto a whiteboard. The process of elimination narrowed it down to After the Calm. 

Song River: We have to ask, why the punk 'tude cover of "When I'm Gone?"

Kody Rattler: Our cover of 'Cups' is a tribute to the Punk Goes Pop albums (Fearless Records). Plus, we really fancy Anna Kendrick. It'd be great to play that song together one day! 

Song River: Any particular sponsors on strings, sticks, heads, clothing, etc... you are currently working with?  Who would you like to have?

Logan Miracle: No sponsors yet, but we'd love to work with Marshall, Fender, and Pearl.

Song River: The band has been working on a video, January 21st was the film date. What single are your dropping with this video?

Logan Miracle: We've created a visual story behind our track 'Bragging Rights.' The video itself is much more serious than anything we've released to date, mainly due to the fact that it's about being cheated on by someone you trusted. 

Song River: Where and who did you work with to produce the video?

Logan Miracle: The video was filmed in a few different locations, but mainly at Kimmy'z, a local bar in Glendale. Jacob Reynolds shot the video for us. He's worked with tons of other bands across the valley and clicked with us right away. 

Song River: Doing the acoustic pop-ups on the spot at music and record stores is a pretty chill thing to do. Has the response been to doing these? You all looked like it was either really early morning or a rough long night with the one you recorded in Flagstaff, Az (Az Music Pro) in mid-January. 

Henry Cota Jr: Our recent trip to Flagstaff was the first time we've played a show outside of Phoenix. The adventure was special to us, given that it wasn't too long ago that we were writing songs in our own living room. We had left Phoenix early morning and began exploring downtown Flagstaff in the afternoon. Naturally, we were attracted to the local music store and in no time we had found ourselves filming an acoustic jam. That was definitely a first for us, but it most certainly won't be the last. 

Song River: Noticed Flagstaff seems like a 'second' home. Is there a connection up there?

Henry Cota Jr: We've been to Flagstaff on our own on separate occasions, but this was the first time the band had traveled together there to play a show. We have friends that live up there who came to support us that night, as well as a resounding amount of supporters who followed us up from our hometown.

Firecreek Coffee was the venue of the night. The staff was prompt and the locals were welcoming. We eagerly look forward to returning!

Song River: Talk a bit about your EP release.  Where did you record the EP?

Henry Cota Jr: We recorded at BLUElight Audio Media, located in Phoenix. Fun fact: We held our EP release show at Joe's Grotto which is right down the street from BLUElight.

Song River: Who was the producer?

Jon Habermacher: Cory Spotts, a wonderful friend and a skillful... everything. He's worked with other Arizona acts such as Greeley Estates and The Maine. Cory has made us feel like we're at home every time we step into the studio! 

Song River: You placed five distinct tracks on Ignis Fatuus.  How does songwriting work within the band?

Jon Habermacher: Our writing process matures the longer we keep up at it. In the beginning of our endeavors, we struggled to finalize our lineup. Once we locked in our members, we started collaborating ideas which bloomed into some of the songs you hear today. 

The process will vary depending on the song. Often times, we form an idea/topic that we want the song to be about, which then feeds into how heavy or melodic the music will become. 

Song River: The album probably leans more towards what genre would you say?

Jon Habermacher: That's a really tough question to answer. We all have our own influences that we mix into the music. We blend towards post-hardcore but then stir to punk for the fun energy. In the end, we mixed elements until we found the right set of emotions for each song. This album represents us figuring that process out.

Song River: Opportunities come along, and success happens when we are prepared. How did the chance to be in the lineup with Waterparks come about?

David Nunez: Continual networking. Musicians aren't kidding when they say it's a constant grind. Building good relationships along the way is key. 
Song River: Influences are a part of anyone's development. Let's turn the page. The band is now what is influencing other bands. What would be one of the most valuable pieces of advice you would give a band?

David Nunez: Find your momentum and stick to it. Network. Don't expect people to just listen to you. Make real connections. Give them a reason to want more. 

Song River: Debut EP, opening for Waterparks, video what's next on your list to conquer in 2017?

David Nunez: We are currently in the works of formulating our first tour for later this summer. We'd love to be a part of Warped Tour 2017, so expect to see us in the local Battle of the Bands. 

In addition, we have ideas from music to merch we want to execute on. So there will be a lot of new content for our fans to be excited about this year.


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