BANGS! Featured Interview: Krsy Fox of Knee High Fox

This week's FEATURED INTERVIEW is with: Knee High Fox Vocalist- Krsy Fox

BANGS!: A quick Google search and the name Knee High Fox comes up with tons of connections all over the net with Loudwire, Bloody Disgusting, HighWireDaze, with mentions in RockRevolt, CrypticRock and even Playboy Radio- you have caused quite a stir... What is it about KHF do you think that has the dark side sitting up and paying attention?

Krsy Fox: I think we're a unique band. We've always had a strong identity with our music and visually in our videos. We definitely have never tried to fit in with a genre which for some can make your path easier, but I always felt like if you're a true artist you weren't afraid to stand out. Knee High Fox live is kind of like watching someone go through their highs and lows right in front of you. It's honest and really all we can say is we make the music we want to make and are grateful for the fans we've gotten through the years who really relate to what we have to say and have gone on this journey with us.

BANGS!: If you would, let's dig into the past of where Knee High Fox began, 2012 (correct?), came together, and has progressed and developed.

Krsy Fox: Simon Nagel and I actually started up in Canada where were originally from. I went to him one day and said I've decided to move down to LA in 9 days and you have to come with me...and he did. We are family, the whole band is.

We wrote a lot, and played out a lot in LA until we figured out exactly what we wanted our band to be. It dawned on me one day that while I was writing I can basically use this band as therapy, my creative outlet.

Simon and I have a very similar vision and love for the theatrics and bands with an intense live show. We worked really hard at making sure we were good live. We did residencies at The Viper Room and played in LA so much we built a name for ourselves that way.

Eric and Harley being in the band made it a complete unit of people really focused on something bigger than a band. We want to make an impact on the industry and people. Even if it is just one person per show we are doing our job.

We are unapologetic for the music we write. I think a lot of people try to conform and I'm so glad we never did that. Being on tour and playing different cities every night is so great because you come across fans who love music as much as we do.

BANGS!: In those years since the inception, what have been some of your favourite moments that you have brought forward to be a true part of who KHF is?

Krsy Fox: We've had a lot of those [laughed]. Definitely shooting our first music video with director Casey Patrick Tebo. I talked to him about the idea I had for the song 'Black Widow' and he loved the concept. Once we had our first video done the band visually really came to life for me.

I met Steven Tyler through him and Steven was the first person to tweet and share our video on social media. Kind of crazy for me since he is one of my all time favorite singers!

Getting to tour with bands we've looked up to all our lives. Touring with Marilyn Manson a couple times was definitely one of the best things that ever happened to us as a band. I've looked up to him and loved his music since the fourth grade (along with the rest of my band). We learned a lot from him and his band and his amazing road crew and manager.
Making our videos and recording and just being on the road and getting to know all of our fans in person has been a really important part of making us who we are as a band.

BANGS!: Would you yourselves describe your sound dark/gothic/electronica/rock?

Krsy Fox: I guess yes all of those describe us. But if you've seen us live there's also a pop/horror/rap inspiration there too. I think people need to label bands to their music too much. I think you can do a little of everything that inspires you.

Life is like a roller coaster and the music and live show should represent all the things a band has gone through in their lives, not just a tiny part of it.

Plus girls are moody and insane and I’m not afraid to show it [laughed].

BANGS!: Reading the word "Freak Show" to describe your band- what qualifies to make a band hold this name?

Krsy Fox: I think people who have seen us play a lot or are familiar with us as people or visually as a band it makes sense. I'm definitely weird as hell (we all are) and I think sometimes you get us out on the road together and 'Freak show' may be the best way to describe it.

BANGS!: Krsy your given first name has morphed over time, has it not? Why and how has time influenced the changes in spelling?

Krsy Fox: It just kind of happened people started calling me Chrissy Fox and I have so many nicknames, I don't think anyone in my life actually called me Christine. Everyone spells my nicknames in weird ways and Krsy Fox just happened. Once I started my side solo project it just made sense to keep it.

BANGS!: Songwriting evidently is one of the passions that is a central part of your work. Having written songs for Halestorm, 12 Stones, Pop Evil, Theory Of A Deadman to name a few.  Do you ever listen to another band take what you've written and find yourself critiquing the direction it took or re writing it in your own head? 

Krsy Fox: No not really. I think when I write with another band I do it with them in mind. It's not about what I want to say it's what they do. The things they want to put out there and express in their music. Everyone has their own styles and what they're comfortable with.

That's kind of the reason I started Knee High Fox, I wanted to do a great job writing with other bands and artists and I'm incredibly proud of the songs I’ve done with so many of them. But Knee High Fox was all me, me being selfish and putting out in the world what I really wanted to say and how I wanted to represent myself as an artist and band.

BANGS!: With the band members- Simon Nagel on bass, Eric Bickerstaffe on guitar, and Harley DeWinter on drums what do you feel is the projection of the band as 2017 continues and 2018 is already in the wings to your fans? How do you continue to build on top of touring, yes, but how about as the band itself?

Krsy Fox: We always want to grow and challenge ourselves with our music and visually and the types of tours we do. We are in the process of writing a new album. We learn from audiences and get inspired by the things we've experienced and gone through. I think that's how you grow as a band.

We will hopefully have a new album done by summer,we're well into the writing process. And of course more tours in the works!

BANGS!: What is it you feel that each band members brings personally to make KHF the best it has ever been?

Krsy Fox: I think everyone has their own personality, music that inspires them. Live everyone really focuses on bringing their personality to the parts they play. We are all incredibly close and like a little family. But definitely having unique personalities helps round out all the different moods in our music.

BANGS!: Looking over your social media Krsy you just look like you love what you are doing and are having a blast creating it all.  For you what has been the key to keeping the pulse beating from teenage wasteland to today?

Krsy Fox: It's always coming up with new ideas. Knowing that the day you think you can never get better or top yourself you might as well quit. From the beginning of the band and I'm sure to the very end I will never stop pushing to see how far we can go, or to get a reaction or connection from the people out there who love our band. Being in a band in every way is a form of art. I like that I never stop learning and being inspired by what's out there.

BANGS!: "Light AS A Feather..." there is something anthem driven in what you've created and are creating. At times are you channeling back to the Punk days and adding a sex tinged rebellion?

Krsy Fox: Every song has a different story and comes from a time in my life or something that impacted me. "Comin For You' came from the movie 'The Craft'. I'll never forget the first time I saw that movie.

I've always been a weirdo and people will try to make you a certain way because of maybe what you look like. I always related so hard to that movie and the fact that those girls embraced and were totally happy to be the freaky witches they were.

BANGS!: The song, "Lolita" certainly seems to carry some sort of back story... can you share? 

Krsy Fox: Lolita is me through and through. I've got daddy issues....I love older men... and am very comfortable with my sexuality. People think when you're a girl you can't love sex or be comfortable being sexy, that makes you a slut. I think I’ve always been comfortable and know what I want and that makes you strong and powerful.

People have it all backwards. It's OK to have fun with yourself and do what you want and express yourself in the way that makes you most happy. 

BANGS!: Unafraid to be who you are, and being comfortable with that- it would seem as KHF has toured with Manson, PM5K and many others... that you are really in your own skin and it immediately makes the audience want to join in.  Was stage presence something natural or was it a developed part of who you are now?

Krsy Fox: It's kind of weird but since I started this band and started touring a lot I feel I’ve become more socially awkward, but being on stage is the one place I feel totally in control and most comfortable.

I have progressed as a performer of course but I've always looked at being the singer of a band as you're the person in control of the whole room. You will make someone have a great time or a terrible one. You are up there to make people feel something and when you do, the feeling you get back is indescribable.

The audience drives me every night, and there is nothing more I love in my life than playing live. It's the time I'm most comfortable and content.

BANGS!: What can fans of KHF be looking forward to this year and on? And where can fans find your music, touring info and merch?

Krsy Fox: We will have new music very soon! And in the meantime we will be posting a lot on our socials.

Find Knee High Fox:

"Killing Room"