BANGS! Interview: Matt Daniels of Remada

What had originally formed in the beginning a rock/rap group has evolved into what feels like a better connection for the band Remada. Speaking with Matt Daniels their lead vocalist, what was has lead them all to where they are on a definite path. Sure life has its ups and downs- that is music- that is a band- that is life, but it is what you do with it all ultimately that says something.
Remada has found that something and with their single release, “A Better Tomorrow,” from their new EP, The Blackout, due out April 29th they have found their stride. A sound and a mindset that spells specifically the band mates- Remada. 

BANGS!: It sounds like there has been a definite path you have been on, do you feel you have found that right mix now?
Matt Daniels: If not we are definitely close, the band has had a of highs and a lot of lows. That's the industry, you take it as it goes and enjoy every minute. I can say one thing, it feels like we are starting to do something right.
BANGS!: How would you describe your inception and what it was saying or sounding like in the beginning as opposed to where Remada is now?
Matt Daniels: Remada started off as a solo rap project, I don't think it could have been any more different than it is now. We're not a solo group, we're a band full of contributing members all creating music and trying to see how far we can go. 
BANGS!: You have played with some notable rappers Yelawolf, Ice Cube.  When you are able to watch others in your genre or outside of it even perform, what is it you watch for?  What do you try to learn?
Matt Daniels: In any genre the main thing I have always watched is the connection that the artist has with the crowd. That kind of connection is very rare where a group has total command over an audience, it's something as a singer myself I have always tried to adapt and recreate. 
BANGS!: The life you make is really based on what you give.  Your online bio mentions something about "Music Heals" movement and scene.  What is it all about?
Matt Daniels: Music Heals is our community, following and our family. Music Heals is what we are, music will always be there when nobody else is. It speaks volumes when you can't put words to your emotions.
We aim to push this ideal to all the people who believe that they have no one have us, you have music. We will always be there to talk, inspire and help with the shitty side of life or celebrate the triumphs. 
BANGS!: How does your "My Reality to Choke Upon" video series mesh with what you are developing? How would you place it in terms outside of the normal radio culture?
Matt Daniels: Video series are not something that is completely new, they have been around but we have created our own to showcase the highs and lows of what it's like to try to truly make it in music. It's not an easy life and we like to bring entertainment and humor to the behind the stage and scenes of what it is like being in Remada.
It helps us connect with our fans on a more personal level. 
BANGS!: Today it seems now more than ever music is more adventuresome.  Can you define how you blend all of your parts into who Remada is in sound, and persona.  What method do you prefer using to relate this over to your fans... social media, or live stage performances?
Matt Daniels: As a group we make sure everyone puts their two-cents into the project. We want our songs to be looked at by numerous perspectives so it captures all of our influences. We take influences from pop, rock, metal and even composers and producers.
Our live performances are what really give life to our music, we put our 100% out on the stage and we don't leave it there either. Once we're done we make sure we follow up with our video series to try to capture that same magic for our followers who are to far to make it to our shows, or for people who do not know us yet. 
BANGS!: Chicago is your hometown.  What was it in the heart of Chicago do you think that really helped mold all of you?
Matt Daniels: Chicago is a blessing and a curse, it's giant beautiful city but with that lays the opportunity to be lost in all of the noise. Chicago has molded us most specifically in our work ethic. It's made us step up our game time and time again and we hope to never stop reaching for more.
BANGS!: New EP due out at the end of April, correct? Is there a working title?
Matt Daniels: Yes, our new EP "The Blackout" is releasing April 29th. 
BANGS!: You have released one single from this album, "A Better Tomorrow." Do you feel there is hope in our future or are we doomed to repeat ourselves as the media seems to say one thing, but the common people another.
Matt Daniels: I feel like there is always hope, without hope we're just giving up each day. Why sit around and mope when you can make something happen. 
BANGS!: Who is producing this EP and how is it being released? Where can it be purchased? 
Matt Daniels: Our EP was mixed and mastered by the great Tomek Spirala of Studio1134. He's been a mentor and a friend to all of us and has helped guide us through recording since the beginning.
We will be releasing the EP off all digital retailers as well as our website. However, if you come to our show we'll give it to you for free. 
BANGS!: Tell your fans in so many words Matt- what can they expect from the new EP, what message is coming forth, and will touring follow?
Matt Daniels: You can expect something that you haven't heard from us at all. We're branching out and expanding our influences and will continue to do so. We're very excited to see how it is received and to see what we can create after this.
The message in this EP is one of inspiration. No matter how hard things get, turn your cheek and take, and become better because of it.
We will be touring through the Midwest and East coast and hope to keep adding on dates. We have our booking information listed in our pages and would love to keep extending our dates. 

"Music Heals"

"My Reality To Choke Upon Episode 7"

Tour Dates:
March 10th- Dubuque, IA- The Venue w/ Bobaflex and Krashkarma.
March 11th- Auburn, Y- Fingerlakes Eventplex Center w/ Krashkarma and Level VII
March 18th- St Cloud, MN- The Keller Bar
April 7th- Fort Atkinson, WI – Hijynx Bar
April 15th- Auburn, NY- Fingerlakes Eventplex Center for Metal Fest
April 29th- Chicago, IL – The Cobra Lounge (EP release show) w/ Heartsick
June 10th- Madison, WI – The Annex
***Currently accepting booking inquiries please contact***

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