Concert Review: The Unleashed Tour with Skillet, Sick Puppies and Devour the Day

The Unleashed Tour of Skillet, Sick Puppies and Devour the Day brought down the house and kicked it up a notch recently in Tempe, Arizona at the Marquee Theatre. This is a dynamic trio that is not to be missed as they are out on tour. Catch them together somewhere along the concert touring line, you will more than glad you did.

Devour the Day kicked off the show with the title track off their latest release, S.O.A.R. They are a defining product of what stage and crowd working together is supposed to be like. Blake Allison, lead vocalist, without hesitation revels in crowd surfing. He is known for doing this now at almost every show, and the level of faith and trust he places in the 'hands' of support is something to behold. Allison climbed down off the stage, surveyed the crowd, and vocally with a mic in hand asked the crowd's permission to crowd surf among them. The crowd responds with a unifying, “YES!” and at that point, Allison turned his back to the crowd and leaned back into the hands of the awaiting crowd. He went from standing on the metal barrier gate and singing to his fans to being passed along horizontally over the heads of his fans. He sang into his mic to a crowd of adoring fans that carried his body along the rock wave.

What stands out here so much is the trust Allison places in his fans, as he soared along and the band finished their set on stage with the crowd chanting for more.

Sick Puppies were next to take the stage and they never disappoint. The dynamite trio performed songs from their latest album as well as hits from those previous, including “You’re Going Down,” “All The Same,” “Stick To Your Guns.” Each song was given the same fervor it deserved with Sick Puppies new lead vocalist, Bryan Scott.

Scott has great command over the well-known classic Sick Puppies songs and his performance draws in the crowd, as he is big on audience involvement. Looking out over the packed venue Scott called out to the crowd asking who the number one fan of the night amongst the vast sea of rockers would be. Scott told the crowd he wanted the person chosen to get the circle mosh pit going... and as the crowd chose the most worthy person to begin... the mosh circle obliged and Sick Puppies lit up the venue even higher.

The venue was so jammed packed that there was hardly a noticeable gap left between the bodies of fans. The triple treat had been “unleashed” and as the crowd waited for Skillet the anticipation continued to escalate.

Skillet always pulls out all the stops while they’re on tour. They have a way with their production that seamlessly sets everything together for an evening you will never forget. The stage was set up with special show lights, CO2, and risers that the guitarists stood on as they played 20 feet above the ground to a crowd that had gone completely wild.

Starting off their show with “Feel Invincible,” the heavy-hitting lead single from their album, Unleashed, was the anthem for the night. They continued the high-energy show with hits like “Hero,” “Whispers in the Dark,” and “Rise.” Skillet’s live show are never a disappointment as this almost nonstop touring machine delivers each night with as much energy as they did their last. This night's stop, of course, was no exception.

Crowd surfing continued on all through their set and the momentum of appreciation for the set rose higher and higher as their songs “Awake and Alive,” “Stars,” “Monsters,” and their latest video that embraces the zombie fest world, “Back From the Dead” were performed.

As the Unleashed Tour leg spins down ending in late April the setup has been one of the most memorable nights so far in 2017. There is something remarkably noticeable about this as the Unleashed Tour certainly defines unifying and supercharged energy into one massive rock n roll night.  

Photo: CowGirlZen 
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