Concert Review: Yellowcard Leaves Us With A Fond Memory

Not to be left out, the well favored Alt-Pop Punk/Punk band, Yellowcard made their final stops in New Mexico, and Arizona before finishing their The Final Farewell World Tour on 3/25 in Anaheim, California.  It had been back in October 2016 when the twenty year/ten album band who began their rock n roll journey out of Jacksonville, Florida had to reschedule these final shows for these last few Spring dates of 2017. 

Did the postponement make it any easier for Yellowcard fans to say good-bye? No, because when you grow up with something well-favored it is never easy to say good-bye.  

As their fans lined up outside the Marquee Theatre venue doors in Tempe, AZ. On March 22nd you could listen to the stories being shared. You could hear fans saying that Yellowcard was the first show their parents ever took them to, for others they chatted about how Yellowcard's music had helped them through some rough life events, and for others, they still felt disbelief as they were in denial that this was it for Yellowcard. For many of the stalwart faithful Yellowcard fans, this was their fourth or fifth show as they followed them in this final section. Some fans had actually begun their farewell following by attending several of their shows last year when the band started their final tour run.

As the venue lights went down a hush fell over the crowded venue. This night's show, like many of them, was filled to the rafters with fans. It was time to celebrate and say good-bye. A voice came over the sound system and requested that this final act be viewed with our own eyes, and not by cell phone screens. After all, as the voice explained all their videos can be seen and enjoyed on YouTube. With that announcement came a roar of elation from the crowd and they all acquiesced, for the most part, the whole evening.

The venue lights went down and the stage gave itself over to Yellowcard. As each band member walked out into a misty sea of fog dotted by colored lights that reflected blues to greens. The final tour evening began with “Way Away”  and this song seemed fitting, as the fellow YC fans sang along to every word vocalized by Ryan Key. 

As each song, all seemingly carefully selected to be the opus tribute to these pop punk years Yellowcard had bequeathed to us, from “For You, and Your Denial” through “Back Home” just prior to the encore the loyalty from their fans along the path of Yellowcard was the chemistry explosion for the audience. The presence of fans both young and old, old friends and new friends all cherished these remaining moments of time as every piece of the show fell together to be the story of their career unfolding on stage.  

From their earliest days of formation in 1997 at the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, to seven different record labels, band line-up changes, a hiatus, Warped Tour and the recording/releasing 12 albums (10 if you do not count the acoustic albums 'When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes' and 'Ocean Avenue Acoustic')  'Midget Tossing,' 'Ocean Avenue,' 'Lift A Sail,' Yellowcard has been the misspent youth's of many individuals. 

As Yellowcard returned to do their three song encore of "Breathing," "Only One," and "Ocean Avenue" to a crowd who was chanting their name in unison you could look out over the audience and through the tears glistening in their eyes, and tiny streams of liquid making their way over their smiling cheeks it was evident Yellowcard gave something more than just their music these past few years... they gave a piece of themselves to all their fans and in return it is hoped that Yellowcard felt that their fans gave something back to them as well.

It may have been the evening of finalization for this tour and this stop, but the energy Yellowcard breathed into each song lifted the sadness from the room as each song played and each person in attendance sung into the final history of this timeline. 

Yellowcard shall always remain as fresh and vibrant as the day they first performed.