Interview with Christina Chriss of Kaleido

Doing IT Their Way!

Music like our world is such an incredible blend of all types, shapes, sounds, tastes, sizes and beats. What is truly exciting though is when creatives pull from a variety of angles, put them into their own unique pot, stir them up and BAM create something multi-layered, colorful, and rocking!

Kaleido pulls from so many different measures of music and their presence of comfortably exudes throughout each song they have incorporated all these varied components into. The energy is POW and you feel it, Kaleido draws you in and shares that connective spirit of something fulfilling both visually and auditory

This is music you want to be jamming with and become a part of.

BANGS!: From that moment at the Roxy in 2011, where the unnamed band came together, Christina you must have had a feeling this was the meld that would become, Kaleido?

Christina Chriss: Oh yeah, I knew it was Kaleido ... I just didn't know it was called Kaleido yet!! Throughout my career in music, many people (producers, managers, etc.) have tried to separate me from my band. 

I came back from LA and said "fuck that, I'm doing it my way" ... and Kaleido was officially born.  

BANGS!: Do you recall the songs from that first set?

Christina Chriss: "Jane" (still one of my favorites to this day), "Forever Together," "Love Design ..." all the makings of our first self-titled EP.

BANGS!: On your return to Detroit, was it at that time the name of the band came to be and where did it come from? 

Christina Chriss: The name happened on the way to a studio here in Michigan, that particular day to record "Love Design." My head was up in the clouds, my mind wandering through space and then, BAM! "What about Kaleido?" I said aloud. We all dug it, and it stuck. So, the universe named us [laughed]?!

BANGS!: Kaleido is a meld of influences, feeling itself along the way under the broad term of pop, From your first self-titled release (please correct me on the discography if needed) 2012 until this last single/video off your up and coming album, "Experience" you Chriss have continued to write what you know... life experiences. 

Christina Chriss: And our story continues to unfold, expressed through our music...

BANGS!: First- Do you find yourselves gravitating more towards a specifically influenced genre as you continue to develop?

Christina Chriss: At the core, we're a rock band, and each of us individually wears our influences on our sleeves. All of our Pop, Funk, Punk, R & B, Rock, and Blues backgrounds fuse together to make Kaleido.  

BANGS!: Do you find songwriting cathartic at times, as an outlet to deal with experiences?

Christina Chriss: Absolutely. Self-therapy. 

BANGS!: Will some of these new tracks coming out on your forthcoming album touch some raw nerves to perform, if so how do you move through a song that is deeply personal?  

Christina Chriss: Our song “Goodbye” is the hardest to perform live. We don't put it in the set often because it's super emotional. Individually and as a whole, when we play that song, we're all brought back to the place we were when we wrote it and WHY we wrote it. The video & song recently "went viral" on Facebook, and we've been receiving messages from people all over the world telling us how much the song touched them.

To know that it's impacting people in such a positive way is extremely powerful, and using that energy I think will help us to perform it live more often. If you've ever gone through losing someone unexpectedly, and too soon, check it out.

BANGS!: Does an artist need to experience the emotion of the tune they are performing every time or is it crucial at times to detach from it?

Christina Chriss: Yes, I think so. It shows. People can feel it. 

BANGS!: Watching all of your videos there is an energy that blasts itself and pulls you in as a viewer. It has been coined that the energy drink - Red Bull - "Gives You Wings" could it be said that Kaleido not only gives you wings... but a jetpack engine as well?

Christina Chriss: [laughed] We pour everything we've got into our music and live performance, and we've been told that the energy transfers.

We love connecting with people and sharing that energy and passion... and if it gives you a jetpack, then Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of a Kaleido Jet Pack! 

BANGS!: Kaleido a Greek word meaning- beautiful form... actually something visual... however really what you have done as a band is taken this word and created a motion of beauty visually and auditory that is to be experienced. Once again, this album seems to come full circle.

Christina Chriss: That's dead on... couldn't have said it better myself. I'm glad it's coming across.

BANGS!: Kaleido has more than paid their share of dues... from a hot sweaty bus on the streets of New York while waiting your turn to perform to the communal living quarters. By the way are you all still living in the same place?  How do you each give one another space?

Christina Chriss: We've had MANY great times along the way, and there's plenty more to come! Our headquarters in metro Detroit has not changed, three of us live there and it's the 'band house'. We practice party and work together and get along most of the time [laughed].

BANGS!: There is a method to success as it has been pointed out numerous times that success occurs not only by hard work but when preparedness meets opportunity. The single/video release "Trouble In Paradise" shows a side that says Kaleido has hit all the marks. It's reggae, pop, slight Spanish guitar nuances, and with that So. Cal. good times feel. It has the hook. What can your fans expect from your new album, Experience (due out 5/19) release? 

Christina Chriss: Expect some good time, high energy ROCK with some deeper tracks that will touch on some of the darker, emotional times in life. It's all about the EXPERIENCE. The good times, the bad times, the ups and the downs.

This is a collection of songs that tell the stories of the EXPERIENCES that we've been through the last few years. Stories that I feel many will relate with. 

BANGS!: Kaleido... Alternative Press just called and Kerrang! just rang... your face and your music are going to hit the front pages... what do you want to tell the world? And what is it you want your fans to remember most?

Christina Chriss: ROCK AIN'T DEAD!
Everyone's welcome in our fan community, The KaleidoFAM.
There's a positive in every situation, you just have to look for it.
Love each other, enjoy life and HAVE FUN! PEACE, LOVE, KALEIDO.

Find Kaleido:

Track List: 
1. Intro 
2. Blue Collar Delight 
3. No More Little Miss Nice Bitch 
4. I 
5. On One 
6. II 
7. Die Trying 
8. III 
9. Trouble In Paradise 
10. IV 
11. Balcony 
12. All Together 
13. Love & War 
14. The End

05/02 @ Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA *
05/03 @ Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA *
05/05 @ Druid City Music Hall -Tuscaloosa, AL *
05/06 @ War Memorial Auditorium - Nashville, TN
05/07 @ Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC ^
05/09 @ Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ *
05/10 @ Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ *
05/11 @ The Dome at Toyota Presents Oakdale - Wallingford, CT *
05/12 @ Funk & Waffles - Syracuse, NY ^
05/13 @ Higher Ground - Burlington, VT ^
05/14 @ House of Blues - Boston, MA *
05/16 @ Upstate Concert Hall - Clifton Park, NY *
05/17 @ Rapids Theatre - Niagara Falls, NY *
05/19 @ Stage AE - Pittsburgh, PA *
05/21 @ The Forge - Joliet, IL ^
05/22 @ 20 Monroe Live - Grand Rapids, MI *
05/24 @ St. Andrew's Hall - Detroit, MI *
05/25 @ St. Andrew's Hall - Detroit, MI *
05/26 @ Route 20 - Racine, WI ^
05/27 @ Sokol Auditorium - Omaha, NE *
05/31 @ Liquid Joe's - Salt Lake City, UT
06/01 @ Knitting Factory Concert House - Boise, ID * ^
06/05 @ The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA * ^
06/06 @ House of Blues - Anaheim, CA * ^
06/07 @ Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ * ^
06/10 @ The Pageant - Saint Louis, MO * ^
* With Seether & Letters From The Fire
^ With Letters From The Fire ONLY
* ^ With Seether & Through Fire

"Trouble In Paradise"