Jeff Is Gone... Capture the Crown Gives Birth 2 BXD BLXXD!

In the world of music... things can happen rather quickly                   and at times turn out for the better.

Doylestown, PA | March 14th, 2017 - Pennsylvania-based band BXD BLXXD have launched their debut single via The Sickest and will be launching more new music soon. This launch comes just hours after the break up of metalcore band, Capture The Crown. BXD BLXXD is made up of former Capture The Crown members, Mitchell Rogers (Guitar) & Alec Hoxsey (Drums) and AJ Wisniewski (Guitar), Dan Brachman (Bass), and Tyler Beck (Frontman/Vocals). 

Statements from Mitchell Rogers & Alec Hoxsey of Capture The Crown on Band Breakup below:

Mitchell Rogers says, “Basically this whole thing comes down to the fact that some of us just weren’t getting along. Alec and I couldn’t take it anymore. He had only been in the band for about six months when we quit if that gives you any idea how quickly it got bad for him. Jeffrey and Alec went out one night and then the next morning I get a call saying Alec’s been punched in the face by Jeff. I got the story from Alec and a few other friends who were there. Alec was completely innocent in the situation. I knew as soon as I got wind of this that it was the end for me, so I left that day. We made a record (which was almost entirely written by myself) which hasn’t seen the light of day yet. I got wind today that there’s a name change and everything coming and I’m assuming they’re planning on using, what is mostly my record, to launch it. It’s a little off putting to me that they’d use my material for a brand new band especially when we all fought to have a name change and rebrand whilst in CTC. But whatever, I’m moving on. My new band is dropping our debut song right here on The Sickest. Time to start over.”

Alec Hoxsey says, “Either he’s (Jeff) seriously done with the band and canned the new album. OR. “capture the crown” is dead and everything from now on will just be “capture” I’m not sure. Jeff asked me to tour a month or so back and talked about an album release tour for the states and Canada then potentially Europe after. Both Mitch and I turned him down on the offer. Not entirely sure about Maurice. Mitch and I are currently working on a new project called BXD BLXXD (bad blood) so we’re 100% done with Jeff.” 

BXD BLXXD (Bad Blood) is the new Doylestown, PA based Hip-Hop/Rock band created by Former Capture The Crown Members, Mitchell Rogers & Alec Hoxsey. BXD BLXXD consists of Tyler Beck (Vocals), Mitchell Rogers (Guitar), AJ Wisniewski (Guitar), Dan Brachman (Bass), and Alec Hoxsey (Drums).  The band has been playing shows but have not yet released music, You can now check out the band’s debut single now on The Sickest. The band has a show coming up at Gamechanger World in Howell, NJ on April 17th, 2017 (Tickets). 

Link to single "Capture": Click HERE

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