MuscleKingz Interview Drag Race Legend Mickey Weise

mickey weise interview
MuscleKingz, the #1 Muscle Car Brand, recently sat down for an interview with drag race legend Mickey Weise, at the Mecum Auction in Los Angeles, CA.
Check out MuscleKingz host M. Rivers' in-depth conversation with Mickey HERE.
M. Rivers says, "I had the privilege of interviewing Mickey Weiss a legendary drag racer on an emotional roller coaster ride auctioning his incredible factory Hemi Dodge Dart race car. Hearing his car run and learning from Mickey, personally, was the highlight of (Mecum) for me, as my father was a drag racer and engine builder, it brought back memories of growing up at the track."
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About M. Rivers
In addition to his work with MuscleKingz, M. Rivers is a motorsport enthusiast/television personality (Speed Channel’s Sports Car Revolution) and recording artist as frontman of rock band Redlight King, and with his solo project M. Rivers, which will release a new LP later this year.