BANGS! Featured BAND GUEST: DIY Punk Band- Dr. Bob's NiGhTmArE

With pizza, cheap beer in hand and the heart of a DIY the glimmer of Punk Rock gave birth one night at a neighbor's home somewhere along the San Clemente streets and the shoreline. Dr. Bob's Nightmare has been projecting their own brand of punk in one form or another since its inception in 2010 and hiatus around 2013 (which gave birth to Dr. Bob's Nightmare radio show The Sick Boys) and then the punk playing was back at it again. Both sides to this punk madness continue the band side and the radio side and both of them are too much fun! 

The summer of 2017 is holding the promise of a new EP and the punk world is ready to grab their Saturday nights and jump, slam, mosh, skate, and crank it up to the nth degree as any time Dr. Bob's Nightmare performs the energy injections are over the top loud and crazy!

BANGS!: There are so many various subheadings under PUNK. When Dr. Bob's Nightmare began back in 2010 was the Punk genre as divided up?

Nordy:  I would say the so-called "punk genre" has been divided up since before it was given that label.  The difference between then and since we formed is the way the sound makes its way through all forms of social media.  You will always have "hardcore punk, skate punk, crust punk, folk punk, ska punk" etc, but the accessibility of the genre through social media has changed up the game, and you are hearing an even more eclectic mix of styles. 

BANGS!: DIY has become a homegrown staple, almost a buzz word like 'organic' is to the indie genre. What is it about DIY that attracts Dr. Bob's Nightmare?

Nordy:  For a lot of people starting bands, there is simply no other way to get your music out there.  We have learned a lot about the importance of protecting the integrity of your art by putting it out yourself.  Especially when it comes down to setting your own deadlines!  Dr. Bob's Nightmare will always be a DIY collective effort.  

BANGS!: In the bands set up- there are 3 vocalists divided up between Dar as lead, Nordy on bass, Boo Boo on guitar, and keeping the drum heads warmed up is Patrick Punker- how did you all meet and in this mix how does the songwriting format work?

Nordy: I play bass, backup, and occasional lead vocals.  I met Dar and Boo Boo (Dean) through a mutual friend about seven years ago in San Clemente.  We were all hanging out one night at their neighbors, talking about different bands that we liked over beers when I learned they had formed their own band and were looking for a bass player.  Given I had my own equipment and lived two blocks away, I suppose it was fate.  

Within a few months, we had more than enough songs for a demo written.  At that point, we recruited our original drummer, Shay (lead vocalist of Nardcore band, Dogends, and drummer for local indie/garage rock band The Flytraps) --- our first gig was with a band called Trip To The Morgue.  Their drummer, Patrick, became an instant fan of ours and joined us in the spring of 2016.  His thrash/metal background brought a new element to our sound.  His work ethic is outstanding as well. 

Most songs start out as a simple guitar riff with some lyrics, and within due time, we have a song.  It could take minutes, hours, or even months.  If we bring a song that we think is 100% complete to the table, it will always sound different once the full band gets together.

BANGS!: Reaching back to some of those fundamental roots of punk- who have been some of the band's largest influences?

Nordy:  We draw influences from early Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Subhumans, NOFX, RKL and Mad Parade.  More recent influences would include Narcoleptic Youth, Atomic Bombs, and The Parasitix from Jersey.

BANGS!: Punk music- for those who know the connections between the band and the radio show The Sick Boys Radio Show- is not just a weekend part time warrior thing, punk is a way of living for all of you isn't it?

Nordy:  I think everyone in Dr. Bob's Nightmare lives and breathes music in their own way.  It never occurred to us that there was much more else to do than to start a band.  We can express ourselves both collectively and in our own way.  Whether it's more serious topics such as homelessness, heartbreak, or police brutality, or our love for Little Caesar's Pizza and cheap beer.  We also have an obnoxious side that can only truly be picked up through live performance.

The Sick Boys Radio Show was started during Dr. Bob's Nightmare's initial hiatus in the summer of 2013.  Since then, we've been able to connect with too many great bands/artists to mention from here in the United States and worldwide.  It's since evolved to a podcast with a modest following, and we have a lot of fun with it.

BANGS!: There is a song written called "Inbluenza" that had a rough video production put together and was posted on April 1st on your YouTube channel. Now I understand some folks have taken offense to the song, thinking it had to do with one thing- but really it is something else entirely.  Talk about the song and video.

Nordy:  "Inbluenza" is one of those portmanteaus used as a working title, and it just stuck.  I (Nordy) wrote the lyrics about the murder of Kelly Thomas by the Fullerton PD back in July 2011.  A lot of people took it as a generic, token anti-cop tune.  It's more about how police brutality seems to be spreading like a virus (Influenza + Blue = Inbluenza) --- and actually, has a passive approach to the situation.

"They took an oath to protect and serve,
Their best interests, not mine or yours
Couldn't keep their hatred trapped inside,
Now he's got a badge, you better run and hide"

Our drummer, Patrick, took a real liking to the song and helped with the writing process.  

Musically, what was originally intended to be an ode to "Cosmetic Plague" by Rudimentary Peni became a completely original tune.  Out of that, he created a video for us to have something fresh out there.

BANGS!: In all honesty, have we become an over sensitive society? Or is it because we are now so all connected and through all these connections comes multiple perceptions without the time to clearly state our intentions?

Nordy:  It's a loaded question.  The internet can be a form of faceless communication, and one's true intentions can't always be interpreted through text.  However,  I think it's important to mention that because something is your opinion, doesn't make it policy.  This is something I have come to understand sticking up for my friends in the LGBTQ community.

BANGS!: Society is on that edge still of change, of course, it always is in motion, but the technology was supposed to make it all easier. Blah, blah... Take your music and just write and don't worry about the rest?

Nordy:  I think the most successful musicians are the ones that can find a healthy balance between using social media and technology to spread the word.  But our band always relies on "word of mouth" --- that is where you can find some of your most loyal supporters.  Of course, social media has also changed up the game completely when it comes to booking shows and touring life.  

Most of the things bands like NOFX were doing from payphones, we are doing from smartphones.  The poet's name escapes me at this moment, but they once posed the question, "are touch screens making us lose touch?"  I ask myself that every day.

BANGS!: You have a new EP coming out this summer I believe. Title and date possibly set yet? How many tracks? And will you let us hit you up for an interview and maybe we can premiere this video coming up!

Nordy:  We are still throwing around names for a title as we speak and are still in the songwriting process.  I would say a target date for the new EP is before our one-year reunion show in July.  The artwork is done, though!  Special thanks to Sinhalite / Ula Mos Art!
We will definitely be in touch for any future interviews!

A full discography release of our Demos, EPs, and a full-length record is in the works as well.

BANGS!: The best way for fans to find your music and to stay in touch for events?

Nordy:  The quickest way for now is to contact us on Facebook. 

We still have copies of our first full length --- "Broke, Homeless, Dumped and Wrecked" --- that we released February 24 (finally!) through our DIY label Kickstand Records.
Anyone willing to donate can get a high quality download on
Kickstand Records also has a compilation album coming up that they are still taking submissions for.  Contact Patrick at

***We will be playing the 2nd Annual Punktography Celebration on April 8, and the CD Release show April 15 for So Cal legends Mad Parade --- both shows at the World Famous Doll Hut in Anaheim @ 107 S. Adams St --- more info on our Facebook page.

Dr. Bob's Nightmare