BANGS! Featured Band Guest: Interview Jimmy Puma Bassist for Fall oF Silence

It Is Time To Get Your AMP Turned UP!
Contributing writer and photographer: Song River

Rolling out of the heat of rock music in the LA scene Fall of Silence stands tight and ready to unleash their power of a pure unadulterated hard rock roll spell upon you. Set to hit the stage as they begin their tour season in support of their debut EP, Act I Oathbreaker, and two more follow-up EP's this year to come, FOS fans are lining up to purchase their tunes and catch one of their shows. This isn't your typical band that spins one and says, “We are done!” NO! This hard-rocking vibe brings those days of Dokken, Scorpions, Europe, Queen and the presence of Steve Perry up to the rock n roll monitors of the 21st Century kick ass roll!

It is time to catch these heavy rockers on stage and taste just what right here and now sounds like! Bringing with them the roots of hard rocking and rolling. There is no pretense, these four musicians know their instruments, they understand how rock works and they are ready to bring it all to you. Not afraid to embrace the diversity that comes with true musicianship you will find their sound catches the rise of rock, hard rock, epic rock, pop rock, country rock, blues rock and anything they damn well feel like.

This is Fall of Silence- ready to take your rock n roll oath and show you how to be so bad that you slide that beat into a total breaker.

“Fall of Silence has certainly embraced the digital age, but we do try to keep to our analog roots so to speak.”- Jimmy Puma Bassist for Fall of Silence

Song River: Where is rock n roll today and how do you feel Fall of Silence fits into this fast-changing industry?

Jimmy Puma:  Rock and Roll has become very stagnant.  Although there are a few exceptional bands that break through, most of the today's music sounds like the same regurgitated song.  In a world full of pre-recorded tracks and sequences, it's hard to tell who is actually playing live anymore. 

The old music business model is dead.  The days of "getting signed" have taken on whole new meanings. Technology has placed resources in the direct hands of the musicians, resources once only available through a record company.  However, with this being said, there are so many bands out there today, it makes it difficult to get ahead sometimes. 

With that technology also comes what we like to call "trapped in the square."  There is so much media available at our fingertips, it has been a challenge getting people to put down their phones long enough to actually go to and enjoy a live show, but we think that people are starting to get sick of the "square" and are hungry for some Old School.  That's where FOS fits in.  Fall of Silence has certainly embraced the digital age, but we do try to keep to our analog roots so to speak.

SR: Your aim and drive for Fall of Silence, of course, is to create your music, however, what approach or strategies are you applying to attain the goal's you have set for the band?  How about goals individually? 

Jimmy Puma: We are four guys pouring out our music from the pits of our souls.  We model ourselves after what we like to call "Super Bands"  like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Scorpions, U2 etc... No "canned tracks," no "click tracks." It's raw and it's live!  You feel what we feel. 

Like our Rock Forefathers, we do not follow Genre, we do not apply labels.  We might write a blistering metal tune one day and a country ballad the next. 

Bottom line, it is all about the music.  It is about leaving our mark on this world.  It is about knowing that when we are gone, there might be someone 200 years later enjoying our music and remembering us.  That is more important to us than a gimmick, a product or a marketing strategy.  We just do our thing, remain humble and hope that people enjoy what we do.  Of course, money is great and we hope to make lots of it (laughed).

SR: The band recently traveled to SXSW. How was the overall experience and what did you all take back from the experience?

Jimmy Puma: SXSW was our very first show with this lineup and although we suffered a series of unfortunate events which will not be mentioned to protect certain parties involved, it was a great experience.  There was a great vibe in Austin and the trip was a great bonding and learning experience for the band.

SR: Let's talk a bit about your EP 'Act I Oathbreaker' who did you work with on production?

Jimmy Puma:  Act I Oathbreaker is one of three EP's we will be releasing this year.  They are being called Act I, Act II and Act III because each EP has a theme to it and once the third EP is released we will be combining them to create what is essentially our first album which you will see once put together is a concept album, a "Rock Opera" of sorts.  

We have worked with several producers and songwriters over that last few years as we have developed the band. Herman Rarebell, Scott Fritz, Bruno Agra, Ryan Donaldson and Gus Monsanto with the final recording, mixing and mastering done with Producer Augustus Cryns at his studio in North Hollywood.

SR: The strongest driven track comes with "Last Time" the sound of the tune almost has a Scorpion's influence woven in. You can definitely pick up even some Dokken and Europe. 

Jimmy Puma:  Ah, very perceptive my Dear.  “Last Time” is one of our songs co-written by former  Scorpions Drummer Herman Rarebell.  Herman was our original Drummer and still, plays a major role in our production.  Our Guitarist Dr. Corey England has also worked for years as a session player for Legendary Producer Dieter Dierks (Scorpions, Twisted Sister, Michael Jackson to name a few).

SR: This track felt like it had a definite story.  Can you talk about its content?

Jimmy Puma: All of our songs have a back story, but everyone interprets songs differently and we wouldn't want to ruin it for them should one of our songs be of a special meaning to the listener (smiled).

SR: It really seems to be the most defining track overall showcasing each band member's own talents. It is clearly stated you can hear and recognize the guitar, bass, drums, vocals, etc... How important is it to the band as they continue to create music to have without question the certainty that each of you knows your instrument?

Jimmy Puma:  We each bring decades of knowledge, influences, and experience to the table and we are always growing as a band/musicians.  Music is something that you never stop learning, practicing, refining and living.

SR: Currently on a venue tour with Jessie Snider. How did your connection come about?

Jimmy Puma: We met Jesse through our manager Albert Majuta (Invaded Records, Max Steiner Agency) who is also Jesse's manager.  Jesse was looking for a band with a particular set of skills and sound for his new production.  Albert thought that we would be a good fit.  From the first meeting, it was instant chemistry. So we are touring with Jesse opening for him as Fall of Silence and then Jesse joins Fall of Silence to close the show.  

SR: Where in 2017 and 18 will Fall of Silence be heading? As new fans are added to the FOS Brigade... new music, videos, single drops, more places to catch you live? Plug yourselves!

Jimmy Puma: Tour plans are firing up now.  We are working on getting the next two EP's finished.  We have a lot of great opportunities in the works.  We are working on a new music video.  We just finished playing at the Nile Theater in Mesa, AZ on April 7th for the Community Food Bank and April 8th at the Loudhouse in Tuscon, AZ. Coming up we have the Shinefest May 26th in Central CA with more dates to follow! 

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