BANGS! Featured BAND GUEST: Interview with Guitarist Dan Jacobs of Atreyu

with Song River

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a tasty mosh.”- Dan Jacobs
It may feel pretty amazing that this band, Atreyu has been around since 1999, but in all honesty as you really get to know who the members are you start to understand how they are still just as relevant if not even more so today than when they began.

Each band member is involved in multiple creative and stimulating outlets these variable talents have built a strong foundation to create diverse music. They have set their bar high, stretched themselves to give all they have and more to their fans.

This year Atreyu fans will have to wait for the next album, as 2017 is going to spent touring/festivals and song-writing.

Song River: Is your first show of the year Brufest in Arizona for 2017?

Dan Jacobs: Yes! Pretty epic way to start off our year I must say.

SR: Was there a reason the band waited until April for the first show and why Brufest in Arizona?

Dan Jacobs:  We've finished the 'Long Live' album tour cycle in December with our hometown fest we host called Foundation Fest and are now taking it easy this year and doing a little writing in preparation for our next record.

SR: As well coming up in May you'll be at The Blackest of The Black Festival.
Do you ever just take a few moments during festivals you're a part of and be a fan watching and listening to the other bands?

Dan Jacobs: Absolutely. We love hearing about new festivals we're playing so we can look up the lineups and plan out our personal fan portion of the day. It's also, of course, a bonus having an AA pass so we can watch our favorite bands from the side of the stage.

I actually was at Musink the other week, here in OC, and got in the NOFX mosh pit for 7 songs.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a tasty mosh.

SR: Each band member seems to have other creative outlets. Can you connect what each one of you enjoys doing outside of the band?

Dan Jacobs: We're all very artistic people in more ways than just Atreyu s music so our other outlets are all art/music related as well.

Alex commissions tattoos and paintings based on his own style of
traditional tattoo art.

Porter is an incredible now Germany-based photographer/graphic designer who travels the world
capturing it through his camera lenses and commissions his work.

Travis plays in another band called Fake Figures and Co Writes music for other artists/film.

Brandon sings for his other band Hell or High Water, writes and performs TV/Film songs with his band
American Gentlemen and co-writes with other artists.

Personally, I have a Merch company I own and operate with my brother Joe called, Rock World Merch/Craft Beer Merch, providing all merchandising needs for a lot of your favorite bands, breweries, and brands. A mother company called Pluginz which makes a product called a 'Jack Rack' that is wall mounted guitar amp style keychain, holder. They're epic! Look them up.

I also train a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, play Roller Hockey,and co-write music with other artists as well as
compose songs for TV/film.

SR: Your discography is impressive. Is there a particular full-length album that is the band's favorite?

Dan Jacobs: They're all our children so it's hard to pick one but I would say The Curse since that was the first album, where we really started defining our sound and our level of success jumped up much higher than our previous record so it was a really exciting time for us.

SR: Dropping singles seems to be the way the industry is moving. You've released over 14. What do your
fans usually request?

Dan Jacobs: We have a very mixed fan base to complement our mixed styles of music we write so our requests are as random as a dive bar Karaoke set on a Saturday night.

Our favorites are fans that request really obscure back catalog songs that we pull out of the closet and dust off just to play to a crowd of blank faces trying to figure out if it's a new song or a cover song or if it's just time for that next beverage refill/pee break.

SR: New music on the horizon? How about videos?

Dan Jacobs: We're taking this year off to write so new tunes are a brewing. Videos are tight.

SR: For the band and the direction it is heading what doors are opening and which doors are you still knocking on?

Dan Jacobs: It's amazing for a band like Atreyu, who has been a band for 18 years, to still be relevant
as well as actively and successfully touring. When we started this touch all the corners of the earth because of the music we wrote let band in High School, back in 1999, we never imaged that we would alone still be doing it 18 years later.

Whenever we wholeheartedly decide to move in a direction doors open leading us that way so we can see and accomplish our visions. A lot of amazing doors have opened for us Akavan on the Management side of things.

We have a lot of goals, recently they include working with the legendary John Reese. We're excited to keep the party going and for what amazing things lie behind these doors.

SR: The greatest asset for today's bands would be what? There are so many options to choose from to
promote, connect and sell.

Dan Jacobs: Being unique, legitimately talented, and wanting it more than the rest of the world. If you have all that it will project an incredible energy that will uncontrollably attract fans.

Atreyu - Do You Know Who You Are?