Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Fry Bread is NOW BEING SERVED! Music Videos From BANGS! to YOU!

It's Friday and your brain has been fried by corporate "Yes, Sir! No, Mam!" Enough! 

It is time for your Weekend Fry BREAD!!!


Go Radio 
Between The Trees
Stages and Stereos
Deaf Poets

Go Radio - "I Won't Lie"

Alkoholemia - "El Revolucionario"

White Lines & Red Lights - Between The Trees

Stages and Stereos - Julia Gulia

Deaf Poets - Celestine

Brought to you by BANGS! and Your Weekend Brain Fry! *We of course do not claim any copyrights on any of this music we are just sharing what we like with you our readers. Go purchase the band's music you like and share responsibily (In other words purchase a copy for your friend!)

PS: BANGS! Declares No Brain's Were Actually Fried in the process.
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