INTERVIEW With: Canaan Frederick of the band CRYPT

Some of us were born on the bayou, down where the swampland is thick, the mosquitoes aplenty, the crawdad fishing's good, gators rule the murky waters and the voodoo magic sits spellbound over the terrain. Yet somewhere in the deep south of Lafayette, Louisiana comes a sound that resonates a generation's viewpoint of our history, music and the soul that blasts itself under the pressure. Rocking the blast off in your face!

The band Crypt rises from the corner of this land and rocks a contagious hook that makes you see what is in front of you as it peels back your eyeballs and enlightens your truth.

Lead vocalist Canaan Frederick believes in the truth being told, "...we don't want to take a stance so much politically, left or right you know, we want to bring to the table factual things that actually happened. We get real caught up and a lot of people don't know what's wrong from right, what's real or not..."

The truth is Crypt is today's rage and they aren't afraid to show what the history textbooks are hiding, what all of us might be hiding from... truth.

Their first single/video is "Death Makes A Holiday" a track that brings the truth in how folks are drawn to watching events, based loosely on a true event to do with a public hanging. According to Frederick they will release several singles along with videos this year and offer them through streaming services to be heard by all. Tour possibilities are in the works soon, along with merchandise availability.

Interview with Canaan Frederick of Crypt

Death Makes A Holiday- CRYPT

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