New Music: ALKOHOLEMIA Releases Their New Album: 'Buscando Provocar' on Cannonball.Rocks

Born in 2005, Alkoholemia has played tons of gigs, festivals, and sometimes traveled around the country with a great thirst of fun and Rock & Roll...Members have come and gone, but our current lineup has been the most solid and fierce.
"We want you to have the chance to hear what is a real innovation in the world Punk scene, regardless what you're most into...It's gonna blow your mind!"- ALKOHOLEMIA

Alkoholemia Band Line-Up:
Luizzgui (Guitars/Vocals),
Felipe Beer (Bass/Vocals), David (Drums/ Vocals)

Alkoholemia "Humanidad Perdida"

Alkoholemia's new album ' Buscando Provocar' ​is a great ​mix, showcasing the ​variety of sounds, ​and ​influences they have. ​

​It is a testimony of what the last 6 years have been for Alkoholemia, including changing members, all of the experiences, songwriting, gigs, and everything we've been through in order for this album to become a reality.

​The band went to Area 51 Estudio once again and we put everything in the hands of the great expert Juan Carlos Henao a.k.a Chengo ( it took a couple of months, a big number of shifts till the dead of night and many hours of mixing and trying new things over and over again, but ​they found what hit!

Some of the titles for this album are "Buscando Provocar ft.Txaza", "España Kerida", "Promesas de Rock & Roll, ft. Jimmy Jazz", "Resaca Psicópata", "Días Como Estos", two live bonus tracks, recorded at the sound engineering studio of University of San Buenaventura in our city.

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