New Music: Carla Sariñana and the Silver Rose Project Hit a Vibe with This New EP!

Immediately upon listening to Silver Rose imagery of Mazzy Star's sound and presence were felt. Hooked from the beginning this vibe is a dual gem with a huge gold star!

This new EP and video from the stunning shoegaze, dream pop outfit of Silver Rose.  Her new EP has been featured in such notable outlets as Noisey and Clash.  The musical collective was formed in 2015 by acclaimed singer/songwriter Carla Sariñana (co-founder and bass player of the Mexican Rock band Ruido Rosa has played Vive Latino and supported KISS, Maroon 5 and Queens of the Stoneage.).      

EP Stream:

‘During the Spring and Summer months of 2015, Carla Sariñana spent 6 months living in Los Angeles. It was here that the Silver Rose project developed as a way to address a long-term love of the Shoegaze Dream Pop genre and 1970s style and glamour. With 10 years as co-founder, songwriter and bass player for the rock band ‘Ruido Rosa’, Silver Rose expresses the beauty and grace of the female essence. The songs are honest, heartfelt stories of love, dreams, perseverance and hope; they are delivered with bravery, vulnerability and tenderness, all wrapped up in an exciting wall of sound with melodic cascading guitars. Carla is a truly beautiful human being inside and out, we fell in love with her are thrilled to support her music as a beacon of hope and in whatever capacity, to support everything about her as a positive role model who can transcend the language barrier and bring people together.’ - Peter Caspian “Caspian” Lennox, Founder - Presana Music Group 

"Sultry and crystalline female vocals over expressive shimmering guitars, and driving rhythms.  A fusion of Shoegaze, dream pop, and other ecstatic gems.......tune in now"  - Clash Music

"Heart on the sleeve honest, heartfelt stories of love, dreams and perseverance brought to life with a 1970s sense of glamour and style mixed with a hint of melancholy, nostalgia and hope, making it 'Hard not to fall, at least a little bit, in love with her' –  Noisey 

Upcoming dates:
April 28: Foro IndieRocks, Mexico City, MX
July 6-10: Ruido Fest, Chicago, IL 

Instagram: silverrosemusic
Facebook: silverrosemusic