New Music: Drugs Delaney Single "Changing of the Guard"

Drugs Delaney New
Alternative rock band Drugs Delaney premiered their latest video for single “Changing of the Guard” off of their record Black Knight Satellite today via Alternative Nation!
The video for “Changing of the Guard” can be seen HERE.
Says Andrew William Smith, lead vocalist/guitarist, "So this the second video we've made with Fish from HatHook. As we also did our "China Shop" video together. Truth be told since we started the band, Fish has always been the silent 5th member. I really think he's one of the best human beings on this planet, and he's just so easy to work with. When you combine our brains with his, we normally get something pretty rad that we all can be proud of. Normally I'll spark the thought process with an idea, then the guys and Fish will throw suggestions and ideas in. Then BOOM...we got a concept, for the "Changing of the Guard" video. I had the idea of "what if we get captured somehow, then our close friends and label mates, Another Lost Year have a video called "Wolves" where there's a scene in it where the singer Clinton gets kidnapped and put into a trunk of a car. And that's when the light bulb went off. I was like "what if we're watching ALY's video laughing when Clinton gets kidnapped and put into a trunk" like "ohhhh that'd never happen to us kinda thing, And then, it does" hahaha. That started the whole idea process flowing. One being that our guitarist's best friends, two tall twin brothers, Max and Matt Harris would be the thugs kidnapping us. (Which they killed it and are the Stars of the video in my opinion.) Then we decided shooting it in two locations. First at the Twisted Spoke Saloon in Pekin, IL and the second was our old rehearsal spot we called the Church. We shot the jam room scene a week later at the Church on the coldest day of 2016 with no heat in the room. Hahaha SUCKED! But we made the best of it. All in all I think it came out great. I def didn't want a serious video because it's a serious song to me. I wanted a video that made ya laugh, smile, and just downright entertain you for the three minutes and 30 seconds you watch it. I think we did that."
Adds Fish, "As soon as they pitched me their idea for the "Changing of the Guard” video I was in. I mean, they had me at “kidnapped, in a bar, with potato sacks over our heads”. It is always great working with those guys. It is truly a collaboration. If someone has an idea we usually try it. Everyone is open and willing to try anything. They put a lot of thought into what they wanted this video to be and then put their trust in me to bring it to life. This is the second video we have collaborated on and it is surely not the last."
Drugs Delaney hails from Peoria, IL. They're a band. But if they were a movie, you'd find them in the Action/Comedy section. Formed in November of 2012, Drugs Delaney released the EP "One Less Thing" and started touring all over the U.S. - lighting up stages and making fans across the country. In the spring of 2015 they entered into the studio to record their first full length album, "Black Knight Satellite" with Grammy nominated producer, Erik Nelson. The album brings together all their life experiences, being described as "a concept of a concept album, based on real shit!" Looking to take you back to a time when rock music was more than just depressing copycat sounding guitar tones and vocals, but something you experience with hand-in-hand while it plays in the background, giving you a soundtrack to your life. With that, in June 2016, Drugs Delaney signed with Avviot Music Publishing out of Nashville TN, to license their songs to television, movies, commercials, and video games. They also signed with Mirage M'hal Records and released "Black Knight Satellite" in July of 2016 with touring behind it for the rest of the year.
2017 will see them releasing another EP with more touring in support.
The video for “China Shop” can be seen here:
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Drugs Delaney is:
Andrew William Smith (lead vocals/guitar)
Adam Kelley (bass)
Nick McNeely (drums/vocals)
Dylon Sekula (guitars/vocals)
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Instagram - @drugsdelaneyofficial
Twitter - @drugs_delaney