TOO BROKE FOR BIKE WEEK -2017 – Held at Desert Winds Harley Davidson – Mesa, AZ.

03/31 – 04/01 - 2017
Contributing writer/photographer Teri Wright – Eyes of Jade for Bangs Music & Entertainment Magazine.

Too Broke For Bike Week 2017- A Two Day Event featuring live music & entertainment, bike shows, vendors and much more. Put on by Chuck Franklin Law and Desert Winds Harley Davidson.

First night (Friday) when I rode in on my Victory Cross Country Motorcycle, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride being a rider and seeing everyone who shares the same passion all congregate in one location. I arrived later into the evening and didn’t get to hear all the openers. I heard 74th Street Band and walked around the vendors. The highlight of the evening was .38 Special which went on stage about 9:15.

Founding Member, Singer and Guitarist Don Barnes came out with Danny Chauncey on Guitar, Bobby Capps on Keyboard/Vocals, Barry Dunaway on Bass, and Gary Moffatt on Drums. 
Coming on stage and watching this team that has exceeded sales of over 20 million, Their Multi-Platinum and Gold awards show how much this group has stood through so much on the way music has changed, and the industry in itself. Playing songs like Trooper with an Attitude, Hold On Loosely, Rockin’ Into the Night, Fantasy Girl and their song list went on and on. One of the biggest highlights was Gary Moffatt’s Drum Solo he did. Wow that man can bang out the skins with the best of them.

With .38 Special bringing that Southern Rock sound to the stage, and how the crowd responds to their songs, singing along to each word and holding on to each note that this band played, It’s no wonder they have lasted for so long.  

It’s always sad when good music and such a fun night has to come to an end, however the weekend was just getting started and carried over to Saturday. April 1st, which had a much different feel and ambiance to it all together. Maybe it’s because there was a different age of Motorcycle riders showing up to attend TOO BROKE FOR BIKE WEEK 2017, Maybe it’s because Jackyl has been around for 28 years (since 1991) and still rocking it and taking names?  

Jackyl played songs from several of their past eight albums and their well-known songs such as Lumberjack (Of course accompanied with his chainsaw and barstool), She loves my C**k, When will it rain (one of my favorites from them), Just because I’m Drunk and many more.
 Jackyl has always had an edgy, wild and untamed sense of humor carrying over to his band mates Jeff Worley on Guitar, Chris Worley on Drums, Roman Glick on Bass with their “dirty” southern Georgia charm they all possess while maintaining that true rock n roll form.

Later into the evening, Jesse’s youngest son Nigel Thomas Dupree came out for an appearance with his dad’s band to play guitar after his band (WAYLAND) of course ripping up the stage up with his guitar solo and shredding with Jeff Worley side by side.  

Nigel’s band WAYLAND performed as the co headliner for this tour, where he is the drummer. There is a lot of talent behind this young man, so seeing him share the stage later on with his dad (Jesse) just showed the crowd how it’s done. WAYLAND is an upcoming band that is from Grand Rapids, MI. Formed in 2010- Managed by Jesse James Dupree along with Keifer Sutherland’s Iron works records. This band makes up a bit of southern slides of rock mixed with some harder riffs along the spectrum of everything in between. If you can catch these guys, you will really be happy that you did.

When you think of a Motorcycle Rally events you might think of Sturgis, and of course you know FULL THROTTLE SALOON – Which burned down in September 2015. This has been a special album for JACKYL as ROWYCO was released with the re-opening of FTS now properly “The Pappy Hoel Campground” just in time for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2016. Full Throttle Saloon has meant so much to Jesse James, and to his family it’s no wonder their newest album follows the start of summer for Good Ole Southern Rock n Roll. Are you ready to ROWYCO in 2017?

Of course all good things have to come to a close, as did Too Broke For Bike Week 2017.

The weekend was just the kick off of AZ BIKE WEEK and getting everyone in the mood to enjoy rides all over our state, more concert events, bike shows, Miss AZ Bike Week.

TOO BROKE FOR BIKE WEEK 2017 was a great event that brought everyone together, enjoyed Southern Rock n Roll, Vendors, Motorcycles, and their friends.  What more can you ask for? A huge thank you to Desert Winds Harley Davidson, and everyone who helped put this event on.
For all information on both bands:

Check out for 38 special’s upcoming tour dates at: . You will find all information about the band, merchandise, and anything your heart desires about the band.

Check out Jackyls upcoming tour dates, and all of their Merchandise including their new album at: Catch a show near you, also meet Jesse and the guys up at FULL THROTTLE SALOON in August for Sturgis, South Dakota Motorcycle Rally 2017.

Check out also WAYLAND for their upcoming tour dates, New album that’s coming out later this year and press information.

For now, this is the redhead metal goddess with the red camera riding off in the warm of Phoenix, AZ and will catch you all at the next show.  Keep the shiny side up and rubber side down my friends.