5 SHOTS!!!!! with Attraction To Tragedy

5 SHOTS!!!!!
with Attraction To Tragedy

Jaiden Shay (Vocals Guitar):

  1. From 13-14 I wanted to start a black metal band but thankfully it never went anywhere
  2. I shaved off my eyebrows for all of junior year and it still haunts my dad
  3. My starbucks go-to is a coffee frappuccino
  4. Celebrity crush is Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me)
  5. I have a 24 hour y2k themed pop playlist

5 favorite records

Storm Of The Light’s Bane by Dissection
Nightmare Anatomy by Aiden
Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation by Funeral For A Friend
And We Are Bled Of Color by Stutterfly
Sirens by It Dies Today

Izzy Scott (Drums):

Five facts about me:
  1. I've been drumming for almost 11 years
  2. I collect pop figures
  3. I'm an Avid reader
  4. My dreads are about a year old now
  5. I've always been the shortest one in every band I’ve been in

Five albums
The Serenity of suffering by Korn
Black Out The sun by Sevendust
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 by Eminem
Give The Drummer Some by Travis Barker
And The Strange Case Off... by Halestorm

Brandon Burke (Bass):

Current bass baby: Musicman SUB Ray 5
Favorite color: Royal blue
I really despise the horrific sound, akin only to nails on a chalkboard, that is somebody scraping their fork against their bowl.
Favorite venue so far: Worcester Palladium
Favorite body part: Izzy's butt

5 albums:
Dying Is Your Latest Fashion by Escape The Fate
Muse by Polyphia
Slave To The Grind by Skid Row
Passion Over Fashion by this one neat band, Attraction To Tragedy
Count Your Blessings by Bring Me The Horizon

Attraction to Tragedy - "Slaughter Road"

“Although I love the reaction it’s always passion over fashion” With their debut album, Passion Over Fashion, Attraction To Tragedy are ready to prove that style and substance can coexist. Recorded at Zing studios (Killswitch EngageUnderoath etc) with producers Jim Fogarty (All That RemainsShadows Fall) and Joe Cocchi the record combines shameless pop hooks and infectious metal riffs. In the studio 22 year old singer/ guitarist Jaiden Shay was joined by Jim Fogarty on bass and Joe’s Within The Ruins bandmate Kevin “Drummer” Mcguill. After a long search for musicians who shared his vision Jaiden was joined by bassist Brandon Burke and drummer Izzy Scott to take the band to the next level. Now stronger than ever Attraction To Tragedy are out to prove that they really do put Passion Over Fashion.
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