Jimmy Lee – Drums/Samples
Pet Peeve and Fun Facts
1.        Being late. I prefer being early than on time.
2.       Occasionally I devour a whole pizza after a performance. Who doesn't love pizza?
3.       I love cats!
4.       I've been kicked out of elementary, middle school and high school. I was sort of a wild child.
5.       One time on the road I had to go to the bathroom, I decided to use a bottle in the car. The immense pressure lead the urine spraying on my lead singer Fahim while he was driving.
Favorite Albums:
1.        System Of A Down - "Toxicity"
2.       Linkin Park - "Meteora"
3.       Metallica - "Kill Em All"
4.       Avenged Sevenfold - "City Of Evil"
5.       Dream Theater - "Systematic Chaos"

Josh Chastain- Bass
Fun Facts:
1. Debunked the "size of the foot" myth
2. Once ate a whole bar of baking chocolate as a snack. 
3. Loves pro wrestling
4. Only learned bass because an old band couldn't find a bassist
5. Named his son after supernatural heartthrob Jensen Ackles
Favorite Albums:
1. Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park
2. Inception - Hans Zimmer
3. Into the Great Wide Open - Tom Petty
4. SCIENCE- Incubus
5. D.C. Talk - Supernatural

 Fahim Zaman- Lead Guitar and Vocals
Fun Facts:
1.      I'm a Sagittarius.
2.      I favorite foods are cereal and cheese
3.      I love Scotch.
4.      I need to quit smoking cigarettes.
5.      I would like to swim with Sharks!
Favorite Albums:
1.      Black - Metallica
2.      Greatest Hits - Doors
3.      Nevermind - Nirvana
4.      In Utero - Nirvana
5.      Aenima - Tool

Munir -Rhythm Guitar

Favorite Albums
1.        Nevermind by Nirvana
2.       Morning Glory by Oasis
3.      Rancid - Indestructible
4.      Tool - Aenima
5.       Deftones - Around the fur
Fun Facts:
1.       Favorite hat is my black dodgers hat with red LA logo
2.       Favorite beverage is orange Sunkist soda.

 3.      I stay up late and read about useless facts such as where the term "Saved by the Bell" derived from? Back in the day when people were buried some families opted to tie a string to the bodies wrist and if they woke up, their movement would ring a bell. They were then saved by the bell. Have a fact I may not know, send it to me @munirhaque.
4.      I miss record stores. 
5.      If you were to name as many 80's movies you could think of, I would bet I've seen over 90 percent of them and could name at least one you haven't seen.

SLANT Covers U2 "With or Without You"

Slant have toured along the U.S. West Coast and have been the opener for headlining acts such as: Alien Ant FarmTaprootPuddle of MuddEyes Set to KillBuckcherryHed PE (Budweiser Music Fest / other shows), P.O.D (Sunset Strip Music Festival), Hoobastank10 YearsAdemaPowerman 5000Cold and more.
Their music has been featured in the PS3 and Xbox game "Supremacy MMA", along with licenses in various television & entertainment resources (i.e. G4 episode of ICONSLionsgate Film "Beatdown"). Additionally, Slant has been sponsored by Aurora Premier Colored Guitar Strings and 51 Fifty Energy Drink.
Slant's music has hit numerous college & mainstream radio station playlist/rotations in multiple states including The World Famous KROQ 106.7 Los Angeles.
Following their third Europe tour for the Armed Forces in mid-2015 Slant released the full length album Hope Created. Slant has recorded new music with Dave Moreno (Puddle of Mudd) and Sameer Battachrya (Flyleaf) for release in 2017. The new music includes a modern rock / alternative cover of
U2’s “With or Without You” along with an original track titled “Dissonance”.
The band is giving the world a fresh new take on how life is still good no matter how hard it can get, how hard it will get and that all obstacles can be overcome. As always Slant's releases are full of tracks you will relate to, love, and can rock the ** out to.
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