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Being a newer group doesn’t mean they are strangers to the music scene. Lead singer, Dennis Zender, is most known for helping establish Seattle band Truce, a group that Adam Bishop eventually joined. Together they have extensive experience writing, recording, booking, managing, etc.

Marsalis debuted their EP in 2016 falling from the fresh sounds of their hometown Seattle, WA they bring a emotive breath that is easy and filled with emotion. The track "Where I Am" has the power of early Coldplay. It is deliciously layered to evoke a top radio hit. The vocals of Dennis Zender reach in and hold you close. Theresa Candondon piano skills play upon your heart in "Feel Something." This first efforts has Seattle radio station a buzz and it stands to reason the band Marsalis self titled EP was voted Album of The Year 2016 via Northwest Music Scene. Their launch is a notable one. For fans of Coldplay, Snow Patrol and The Script.


BANGS! Gives Marsalis Debut EP 5 BANGS!

LANE CHANGE performs at a wide variety of events and venues for audiences of all sizes. They have been the opening act for Rock and Roll Hall of Famers ZZ Top and Grammy-winning artists Los Lobos. Their show combines hard-driving, rocking rhythms with soulful, melodic vocals, for a performance that will have you dancing, singing, and remembering the "event" that is a LANE CHANGE show!

RISE is a four song EP from Rock and Soul band Lane Change.  Four talented musicians from Phoenix, Arizona. Myles Vann and Lizzie Shafer bringing you soulful vocals, Lizzie also on bass, Jake Galambos on guitar and Cameron Holladay on Drums, they bring you fresh Rock with a southern feel. Each song had their own touch of rhythm, soul and energy. Together they have their own unique style and harmony.

“The Rich get Richer” is a soulful tune mixed with a touch of southern rock meets 80’s metal.  We all have struggles in life; some can never seem to get ahead. The rich robs from the poor. Don’t give into the devil.

“Club 27” Drug, alcohol, and tragic accidents took many musicians before they turn twenty-seven. Rock N Roll was at its prime when we lost many powerful musical souls. Do you remember the day music died?

“Floodwater” Melodic and soulful. When the water rises, swim to the surface and don’t drown.

“We won’t back down” A song that has its own style of R&B mixed with soulful southern Rock. Don’t back down from listening to this powerful song.

This EP has a very eclectic style and sound. Powerful bass lines and guitar riffs, pounding drums, and vocals from the heart and soul. I enjoy it a lot and can’t get enough. You can understand every lyric, you can hear the harmony in their voices, and each style is a combination that any musical taste will want to RISE up and listen. So, if you are taking a road trip, at a party, or even spending the day at home, this EP will get your energy flowing and your heart rockin. If you haven’t checked out Lane Change yet, you don’t know what you are missing.- Spring Marie


BANGS! Gives Rise 4.5 BANGS!

Blonder lives and breathes elegantly yearning melodies and song structure. It’s clear on his debut, $5, From the taut, bittersweet guitar chords and subtle synth leads running through “Lean” to the moody keyboard stabs of “What We Want,” and tortured guitar scrawls tearing up “Upstate” to the Cars-like chug of “In and Out.” Written in the throes of a relationship everyone else wanted to be perfect but just wasn’t meant to be, each of the six songs is a “distinct world,” says the singer-songwriter born Constantine Anastasakis. “It’s about romance and sex, but I want people to see the whole thing.”

Cutting a bit of techno wave as a few bands as of recent have been bringing back what feels like an 80's wave with a 21st century saddle. Totally digs music and its vibe is rich. It makes you want to get up and dance, but that isn't all as the lyrics are catchy as heck. 
BANGS! gives Blonder 4 BANGS!