KaPow: Crystal Ignite in 10,9,8,7,......

Just a few questions that get to the heart of who Crystal Ignite is.


Question: Talk a little bit about your music. Why is it your felt most comfortable in the type/style of music you create and produce? 

Crystal Ignite: I do a mix of tribal drum driven alt -pop (think Florence and the Machine meets rock) then rock, hard rock and metal which some people have described as Evanesence meets Rage against The Machine and Florence and the Machine...  I love doing punchy, heavy stuff live also as I really get to express a lot of intensity which is the most fun to do live for me! I feel so at home doing this style of music...

Question: An artist wants their music to make their fans 'feel.' When the lyrics, melody and parts are beingworked through what tells you as an artist- this is it?  

Crystal Ignite: I am just true to my soul, if it gives me goosebumps then I'm doing it right.... I dont put out anything that I am not 100% happy with, always take out the ego when writing and just stick to stuff that means a lot to me and that I think will mean a lot to others too.

Question: Many bands and musicians want to make a difference. Whether that is something small or huge or
found in between. For you as a band of mates- what are somethings you would like to make a
difference in for your community and fans? 

Crystal Ignite: My ultimate goal is to create The Ignite Foundation, I want to have a global organisation that helps youth who are victims of abuse, I want to rehabilitate them and give them tools and survival and healing techniques I used to heal myself, I want them to get a second chance and I want to teach them to channel their creativity to heal also. 

Question: Top five songs currently spinning on your playlist (CD, Stream, Vinyl however you listen). 

Crystal Ignite: At the moment it is: Ice To Never - The Black Queen, The End Where We start - The Black Queen, Party Monster - The Weeknd, Notion - Tash Sultana, Banks - F%&k em only we know, Happy Song - Bring Me The Horizon - Sorry had to do 6 haha 

Question: What does the most supreme tour line-up for your band would look like? 

Crystal Ignite: Halestorm and Tash Sultana would be awesome!!! 

Question: Who in the band or group is the loudest most outgoing extrovert? 

Crystal Ignite: Well I haven't announced my Us line up yet but of the Aussie line up I would have to say Mr Benny Clark (laughed) but they are all close.

Question: Who in the band or group is the quietest least social introvert? 

Crystal Ignite: Ummmm no one. (laughed) Everyone is an extrovert in this line up.

Question: What instrument did you learn to play first and do you still own that instrument today? 

Crystal Ignite: For me it was Piano and voice then guitar.... I'm planning to spend more time growing as piano and guitar player though.

Question: Finish the sentence: “Music for me (us) is the catalyst for changing everything in my life and the most powerful tool in the world to change everything including the global vibration!"- Crystal Ignite

Question: Favorite Fast Food Pit Stop any time before or after a performance is?

Crystal Ignite: I am not into promoting unhealthy food, I am all about promoting caring for the planet and our bodies, that being said, Panera bread would be my second favourite place to stop, even though they are owned by Mcdonalds, there are some great healthy options there. Chipotle would be my number one because it is an ethical company....