Musician Take OVER on BANGS! Five Music Videos!

Every so often when we do an interview we will ask the musician/band to give us some of their top music video picks and a brief reason why they like them.  This helps our readers and their fans get to know them better.

This Musician Take OVER is by Charlie Parker. Monday Music will be feature an interview with singer-songwriter Charlie Parker. 

Foo Fighters - This Is A Call

I heard this song for the first time on the drive home from the beach late night after a show. Thought to myself "who is this" this is great. a pop song inside of a heavy rock band. Obviously it worked out for them.

Elvis Presley- Hound Dog

Early days of rock roll...Simple song but changed the world. Great guitar solo too. Scotty Moore was ahead of his time. 

The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand - Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 

One of the greatest pop songs ever written. A simple song with great chord changes. No wonder it changed music for everyone. Still holds up today. 

Jellyfish - Baby's Coming Back

Great pop song from a lesser known band. Huge 70's production sound with a big chorus. Unfortunately they came out at the height of grunge and didn't have much of a chance.  But a classic amongst musicians.

Alan Jackson - I Don't Even Know Your Name

A very comical country song. Not one of Alan Jackson huge hits but the guitar solo is amazing. I sat every night for a month trying to learn to play it.  new respect for the Nashville players. Brent Mason did the guitar tracks. So just tells me there is still a lot to learn.