NuMetalCore Band- Converter Thief Release New Album: 'Methods of Torture'

While Luke was tracking vocals there was a point that Rob started throwing peanuts at him. Luke became pretty upset with Rob however, It was very funny. Jon found a little pink bunny hat complete with ears at Walgreens. The band then passed it around taking selfies with the hat on. The looks we got when we went out to breakfast/lunch with it was priceless. While tracking everything except for drums there were many gummy snacks being eaten but mostly thrown around as if the band was made up of children...well I guess they are children at heart.”- Band Stories from Converter Thief

Blazing their own original trail Converter Thief from Cleveland, OH, formed in 2014. As a group of band-mates, Converter Thief decided to take on a non-traditional approach to the Metalcore/Deathcore genre. Together they have created their branding and are ready to singe the metal fray with their scorching power!

Like so many bands it takes the drummer to start the process by hitting the core beat and as drummer Rob Young started jamming with original guitarist Greg Melnyk- everything broke loose and the inevitable was bound to happen.

Soon vocalist Luke Wallace reached out to Rob to take over vocal duties. With a few lineup changes Converter Thief was finally complete. What was interesting during this transitional period of their genesis to their finalized lineup and latest release Converter Thief noticed their original sound had changed. It went from “Big Dumb Riffs” to Melodic Metalcore riffs. They embraced the sought after straightforward thrash influenced drumming.  Some have classified this sound as “Scrap Metal.” Converter Thief calls it their own signature sound.

Over a year ago with their debut EP Salvage an independent label heard their sound and Converter Thief was picked up by internet music label, Cannonball.Rocks. They now knew it was time to write for their first LP release. 

Converter Thief fans have continued to expand beyond their hometown and now with the release of their new album, Methods of Torture, their mission is to tour as they intend on delivering their music and energy to each and every person who attends their shows and tunes into their tracks.

We really enjoy what we do. If people enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing it. I would consider that a marked success."- Rob Young (drums)

Converter Thief:

Luke Wallace – Vocals
Arthur Lawrence – Guitar
Jon Buser – Bass
Rob Young – Drums

Converter Thief Album Methods of Torture is now available through Cannonball.Rocks

Converter Thief “Carved Stone” Lyric Video