Here comes your power/pop alternative rock n roll out of the heart of the Mississippi full powered sex appeal and enough yearning to make you hella hotter than a humid mid-summer's day where the perspiration drips into places left wanting as you  unbutton your shirt and slide a cool one over your forehead. This music  kind of day. This one will just give you the right shivers of pleasure.
This is luscious.

There is something sweeter than fire and that something is found in the music of Paul Johnson And The About Last Nights.

As singer/songwriter Paul Johnson and drummer Zack Lewis took their vision and created a surge of power in the land of pop. The listener will find honest music that sends you into wanting to hear more. This is pure sizzle and a full-scale on solid mode that croons sweetly like Chris Isaak, but rocks this cover and does John Waite's original tune justice. 

Paul Johnson And The About Last Nights "Missing You"

Their Debut Album\EP Give Up The Ghost