TEN FOOT POLE Pre-Orders For 'SETLIST' Has Begun

Out May 26 via Cyber Tracks

photo credit: Denise Borders
Pre-orders for TEN FOOT POLE's new album SETLIST begin today and fans can purchase their pre-order on http://www.cyber-tracks.com now. Out on May 26, 2017 via Los Angeles-based record label, Cyber Tracks, Setlist includes new recordings of 11 previously released songs, plus two new tracks. The digital download of the pre-order comes with four instant grat tracks. For the vinyl enthusiasts, there are three color options for the album, in addition to a digital download of the album that will be available day of release.
Setlist features two new songs by Ten Foot Pole, entitled  “Scars” and “I Don’t Want To Go”, both produced and mixed by Kyle Black (New Found Glory, Strung Out). With 13 songs in total, Setlist packs Ten Foot Pole's signature melodic punk punch, combined with a sense of maturity in the band's sound through their two new singles.

Setlist is out May 26, 2017 via Cyber Tracks and is available for review upon request.

Ten Foot Pole is Dennis Jagard (lead vocals), Scott Hallquist (lead guitar), Keith Divel (lead guitar II), Pat Magrath (drums) and Chris Del Rio (bass).
Track Listing:
1. Scars

2. My Wall
3. John
4. I Don't Want To Go
5. Kicked Out Of Kindergarten
6. The Getaway
7. What You Want
8. Never Look Back
9. Nova Scotia
10. Closer to Grey
11. Plastic
12. ADD
13. Old Man (Acoustic)