Up Close & Personal with Musician, Engineer, Drummer Randy Walker

"In Whatever Form it Comes,
 Being Creative is Personal."- Randy Walker

Song River: Stepping into your studio each day must at times feel like you never really leave what you love to do.  Where did this passion for studio production begin?
Randy Walker: It started as a touring musician carrying a refrigerator sized rack around for triggering. I love the process of creating tones.
Song River: In addition to producing you are also a studio musician as well as a drum tech for Ted Nugent. Which for you came first in the lineup of accomplishments?
Randy Walker: Musician first, everything else happened by accident. I love being a musician, but I also really like engineering and editing video.
Song River: You have worked with some shakers and movers in the industry. Anyone of them in particular that brings an instant smile of incredible creation?
Randy Walker: They all have special moments, again it's the process of being in there and being inspired.

Song River: Do you feel today's musicians have the same driving force to accomplish quality?
Randy Walker: No. They don't strive to practice and learn. That's what I see.
Song River: You have worked closely with several different metal and hard rock band members. What have been some of the projects you have been most focused on these past year or so?
Randy Walker: This year has been about creating TV cues. But I've also been engineering the writing sessions for the next Altitudes & Attitudes album.
Song River: You are pretty hard and fast friends with David Ellefson aren't you? Having worked on I believe about three audiobooks of sorts, correct? Talk to me more about what you two have been working on and what you are developing. 
Randy Walker: Yes I've been part of his 3 audio books. Currently we have a long term project we are doing in creating cues for TV placement.

Song River:Tragedy seems to be a part of life, going into detail as far as you're comfortable how has having your music to turn to helped you in your life deal with the hard things life sometimes deals us?
Randy Walker: Actually, I walked away from music for a year when my son was first diagnosed with brain cancer. When he seemed to be doing fairly well, I slowly went to work but it wasn't easy. I couldn't sleep, found myself needing sleeping pills and I hate any sort of prescription type drug. 
Things have gotten better, but it's a struggle.

Song River: Are your bags packed for your summer venture with Ted Nugent? And how did this opportunity come about? 

Randy Walker:  Yes!  It started in 2015 teching for my friend Wild Mick. When the 2016 tour rolled around I was asked if I was interested in staying on, even though Mick wouldn't be returning, and I said absolutely.

Song River: After the summer tour has ended- what is on the horizon for you Randy musically, production and in creating? 

Randy Walker:  First I fly to Florida upon returning from Japan to attend my daughter's wedding, then I'll sleep for a few weeks!

Song River: Finally, how personal is the creation of music and indulging in its very exotic and sometime intoxicating soul for you?

Randy Walker: I think everything creative be it painting, music, cooking, etc is personal. It's just the nature. But for me I love it. Again it could be editing video or performing. I love it all.