5 SHOTS!!!! with KillSET!

5 SHOTS!!!!!

with the band



Chris Luca- Vocals Facts:

1. I'm 100% Italian.
2. I grew up on the East Coast. 
3. I was a Radio DJ before I moved out to     L.A.
4. I love reality television. It seems, the worse the show, the more I love it. 
5. I write ALL the songs for KillSET. 

Favorite Albums:
1. All Eyez On Me - Tupac Shakur
2. Evil Empire - Rage Against The Machine
3. Animosity - Sevendust
4. Recoil - Nonpoint
5. It's Dark and Hell Is Hot - DMX 

Dave Comer- Guitar Facts:

1. I have 21 guitars, what can I say? I have a problem.
2. I am a huge Partridge Family fan. I have a collection of some of their rarest albums. Actually I have a huge rare vinyl record collection of over 300 albums.
3.I have a real phobia of band aids. I mean I will not wear them, or shake somebody’s hand that has one on.
4. I will NOT eat melted cheese. Shredded cheese on a taco is fine. But no melted cheese…..with exception of pizza.
5. I write all the songs for KillSET.

Favorite Albums:
1. Muse -  Absolution
2. Cheap Trick -  In Color
3. Rage Against The Machine -  Evil Empire
4. Blondie -  Eat To The Beat
5. Scott Weiland  -  12 Bar Blues

Mark Baker- Bass Facts:

1. I grew up in a family that had members in both professional sports and Music. So needless to say I love and did both as a kid. I played the whiskey a go go when I was 17 and I played 1 year of college football. I'll never stop playing music and though my football days are over I love going to the gym and play basketball.
2. I've been playing in bands with Dave Comer and James Dillon for most of my music career. Yes! They both are pains in my A**!! and they drive me to drink Koolaid!!
3. I love going to the movies and eating Nachos!!! and supporting the Clippers baby!!!
4. I am a HUGE Animal lover and I support the ASPCA along with several other rescue organizations.
5. Truth be told, I write all the music for Killset! You're welcome.

Favorite Albums:
1. Motley Crue - Too Fast for Love and Shout at the Devil
2. Sevendust - I can't just list one. Too many favorites on different albums.
3. Rascal Flatts - Melt
4. Nickelback - All the Right Reasons
5. Korn - Follow the Leader

James “Jas” Dillon- Drums Facts: 

1. My love for my family! 
2. My love for sports cars! 
3. My love for the beach and the ocean. 
4. I'm Irish Catholic and I'm very proud of my background and my life. 
5. I guess I have to say this "I write all of the songs for KillSET, plus, I'm kind of a big deal!
Another fun fact about me is that I am a collector of many items and things in life (coins, antiques, etc.).

Favorite Albums:
1. Alice in Chains - Dirt
2. Jane's Addiction - Nothing Shocking
3. Faith No More - The Real Thing
4. House of Pain - House of Pain / Cypress Hill - IV
5. Hanoi Rocks - All Album's
5. Meshugga - ObZen

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