Concert Review: Citizen Zero

CITIZEN ZERO, May 30 Crescent Ballroom

by: Contributing writer/photographer Jeannette Flores Kaufman of Bad Rooster Images

The Crescent Ballroom located in downtown Phoenix (308 N.2nd Avenue) hosts many talented artists throughout the week and Tuesday night May 30th, 2017 was transformed into an early weekend with no worries or cares. A climate change was about to occur within an already hot city with the talents of Citizen Zero. An all-male rock band from Detroit Michigan, Rockers; Josh LeMay (Vocals/Guitar), Sammy Boller (Guitar), John Dudley (Drums) and Sam Collins (Bass). 

Their rock presence (genre): hard rock, alternative rock, rock and more rock. YES !! Rock & More Rock Standing with my hip against the stage and camera in hand, up close and camera personal, a set-list written with sharpie marker dropped on the stage in front of me just increased the anticipation. Watching equipment being staged and tuned, drums being checked out when I overhear drummer John Dudley say “it's 26 inches.” Ooooh goodness, what was the audience in for? What was I in for and was being so close to the stage where I should be?! Drums… he was talking about his drums!

The stage lighting did its dance and Citizen Zero emerged onto the stage rocking out with the first Song State of Mind from their 2016 album STATE OF MIND. As the song finished the band gave their thanks and love for Arizona setting off a roar of gratitude from the audience. Rolling with the Arizona energy, Sammy Boller and Sam Collins launched crossing the stage back and forth, rocking out on guitars for the rest of the concert. At one point Sammy Bollers’ guitar touched my camera lens, yup I was that close. If you’re a lover of the guitar you will not be disappointed with what Sammy Boller can do with his guitar, from what I saw and heard he plays the hell out of it and is not sorry for it.

Josh LeMay with a sultry strong voice delivered each song creating a journey of emotions, these guys rocked out the stage with presence and the lyrics were on point to tour your life’s moments. These are just a few songs from the set list; Go (Let Me Save You), Bangin, Lure & Persuade and of course Home and driving the beat straight through your life’s journey and heart was John Dudley on drums.

Ok! Ok! Enough about the heart. They don’t sound like anyone but they have a hint of Kings of Leon, Theory of a Deadman & Joe Satriani. Would I recommend seeing them? YES, I would! Their sound will resonate and reverberate through your head way after you leave the concert, ‘Let's make this last forever’ a line from the song GO is fitting for Citizen Zero. 

*Citizen Zero is on tour this 2017 Summer with Black Stone Cherry