06/17/2017 Marquee Theatre, Phoenix Arizona
Concert Review: Seether, Through Fire, Kaleido
by Contributing writer/photographer Song River

Seether shrouded in darkness and harsh red lights, with neon green beams and LED flickers gave the crowded venue in Arizona everything they had and then some. This  Poison the Parish Tour had a perfect trio as the Marquee Theatre embraced all three bands, and featured Through Fire from Nebraska and Kaleido out of Michigan. 

Kaleido had released its impressive debut album Experience last month, and the band quickly demonstrated they are more than just a repeat of rock n roll produced in a studio somewhere. In fact, Kaleido delivered the surprise set of the night, they held the audience in rapacious captivity as they delivered each song that ranged from straight-up rockers like “Die Tryin’” and “Unbreakable” to reggae-infused pop such as, “Trouble in Paradise.” Vocalist Christina Chriss' confidence and stride took hold of the evening's stage performance balls and all... she owned them. 

Over and over throughout the set, this band proved they are the raucous elements that make rock... roll.  The band even tossed in a cover of “My Michelle” from Chriss’ favorite band, Guns ‘N’ Roses. Watching Kaleido's bassist, Cody Morales is fantastic as he interjects his own charisma and playfulness into a perfect placement of support. Guitarists Ronnie Rosolino and Zach Bolling easily handled the change from nervy riffing to melodious significance, without missing a note, while drummer Joey Fava kept the beat in motion and delivered a splendid solo mid-set.  If you didn't make it to a show on this tour, you must check them out and definitely pick up their album. Kaleido is more than on their way to taking the lead. 
The band, Through Fire, is motivated by songwriter and guitarist, Justin McCain formerly of the American hard rock band, Emphatic. The band is currently enjoying the success of their hit song, “Breathe,”  which was one of the many songs from their debut album of the same name. They opened up their set with the songs “Breakout” and “Where You Lie”, and closed the set with their first single “Stronger,” which was well received by the fans. Mixed in between were covers of Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” and Ellie Goulding’s “Lights.” Through Fire,  also features drummer Patrick Mussack, guitarist Jesse Saint, vocalist Grant Kendrick and bassist Kyle LeBlanc. Through Fire confidently showed they are building a strong fan base and a devout following.

Seether seemingly always likes to play the nuance of a moody set. Frustration, as usual, could be heard in the audience as their stage lighting was difficult leaving the entire, performance by and large in apparitions. Aside from this one darkened element the fans always hail Seether's  performance as prima. Admittedly the soft illumination along with neon beams of green and amber toned lighting mixed with towering LED lights came together to create and complete Seether set. Crashing through their hits “Fine Again,” “Broken,” and “Rise Above This.” They opened the set with “Gasoline” from their debut album, Disclaimer. The audiences of Seether fans voices rose and in unison sang each and every note. 
Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery shared the stage with the band as the guest lead guitarist for the tour, and his dynamic performance added depth to tracks like “Country,” and “Fake It.”  Bassist Dale Stewart and drummer John Murphy are always the steady central point as they held the night's performance together. It was a pleasure for all the fans to have frontman Shaun Morgan make his way up to the barrier guard at one point during the set and get up close and personal with their fans. The band performed “Let You Down” from Seether's new album Poison the Parish, and mingled in their classics like, “Truth, “Remedy,” and a cover of Thrice’s “Black Honey.”

It was genuinely a bucket list show for many in the audience. They had never had the chance to see Seether live or they had seen them long ago and were afraid that this may be their last chance. Whether that speculation is founded or not, the Seether fans were not going to chance it and they packed the venue upstairs, downstairs and out the doors. 
The strongest performance of the evening though had to come from the Detroit, Michigan powerhouse of rock,  Kaleido. Their short half hour stage presence stole the evening.