Concert Review: Vamps, Palaye Royale, Darke Complex, Blackthrone

Concert Review:  May 25 at the Marquee Theatre.

Vamps May 2017 PC: CowGirlZen Photography 
It was a night of music that none of us were too sure of what to expect. There are times when you judge a venue to be full by the musicians and bands coming in and are completely wrong. This was one of those times where all expectations were to be unfounded as it was going to be a lightly attended event but the fans that were there more than made up for it. They were loud enough, excited enough, and ready to rock enough for a crowd of a thousand or more.

Local hometown support is something the Marquee Theatre prides itself on. The venue not only has rocked out some big names over the years but they give major props to the local bands in Arizona by mixing them in their major line-ups coming through. Opening for this line-up on May 25 in Tempe, Arizona was a local hard rock/metal band known as Blackthrone. With their home base coming out of Arizona and their self-proclamation to play 'angry' music, the band came out and took the stage. There wasn't any looking back as lead vocalist Wolf Santana lead the entourage to glory and revel in their 20 minutes set on the stage. They brought, they delivered, and the fans loved it. 

Next in the evening's line-up was a band called Darke Complex and the intimate continuation of bands and fans continued. Darke Complex slits the throat of a dark void mix of heavy hard even danceable electronic voltage. They are a complex mix that even throws in a bit of growling and rap. Totally worth catching and recommending purchasing their music. It's unusual and that means something this day in age. Spin their music video "One of Us" and it will give you a real good idea as to what the hell I am saying. Spinefarm Records has a good dosage of bands to check out and this certainly is one of them.

In a flash of fashion and blues and rock, one of my personal favorites took the stage. In a mix of Tim Burton with David Bowie meeting early My Chemical Romance, then wrapped up in killer blueish Gretsch guitar strings, a monumental band that NEEDS to be recognized took to the stage: Palaye Royale. I have caught their act several times and each time they blow me away. They are a serious bunch of musicians out of Las Vegas, Nevada and whoever rolled them, they hit jackpot when they signed them. 

Everything Remington, Sebastian and Emerson touch is pure gold and they made that night shine. These blokes are the avant-garde of fashion-art ROCK. Their debut album 'Boom Boom Boom' just makes you go yes, yes, hell yes. They have been nominated for 2017 Journeys Alternative Press Music Award for Best Underground Band, and if Palaye Royale is underground, then honey there is no point ever in coming up for air. This band is the tasty rock n roll your ears are screaming for! They graced Rocklahoma, toured briefly on the Vamps line-up, and are according to my sources, will be back out on the tour road again soon. DO NOT miss them.

To finalize a night of relaxed informality amongst a devoted group of fans, the storm swept through known as the Vamps. Their new album Underworld certainly is a successful run of bleeding rock to the night's mavens. Their girl fans screamed in ecstasy as they took the stage. 

Since their formation in 2008, they have released three studio albums and four live DVD's. Supposedly to be known for their stage theatrics, it would seem that it was a bit light on this evening's performance. Not sure what it was due to, but their music and fan adoration more than made up for it. Their lyrics and skillful playing were evident. It was just the heard of grand scale theatrics was not on tonight's menu. Nonetheless, Vamps are beloved and are a must see band once back here in the states.  They have a wicked combination of parts all playing and skillfully delivered in an enticing dark way. Vamps is definitely a band to keep your eye on as they are working with some of the today's biggest music industry names.

They are scheduled to return to the states - hopefully - in November of this year and I for one will be in line to see them once again.  I sense that I got a taste of what they are, but I need more in order to garner that sense of being immersed in the blood, sex and rock n roll.