Interview with: Kaleido Out on Tour with SEETHER

Kaleido Out on Tour with Seether

Song River: Do you feel music in general has rules or more like guidelines?

Christina Chris: No, it's all creativity and artistry. 

Song River: Talk to me about the production on your new album “Experience”:  Who produced it, where did you record it? Overall how does the band work together when recording?

Christina Chris: We produced Experience ourselves at The Pipeyard Studio in Plymouth, MI with Josh Dillon and Nick Morris. We did pre-production ourselves for almost 2 years at our home studio and so by the time we got to The Pipeyard, we knew exactly what we wanted it to sound like. 

Song River: How often do you work on your music? This can include songwriting, practicing the instruments?

Christina Chris: As often as the creativity strikes and the universe abides. We are our crafts, all the time. 

Song River: What is the band’s philosophy/Motto?

Christina Chris: Be the best version of yourself!

Song River: What is it you want your music to say to the world?

Christina Chris: You're not alone. We're in this together. 

Song River: What was the last song you listened to before this interview?

Christina Chris: I just uploaded the video of me singing 'Broken' with Seether live in Detroit, so that's the last song I heard.  ;o)
Song River: When was the last time you figuratively put your foot in your mouth? How were you able to recover?

Christina Chris: I was probably drunk and I don't remember. Foot probably never made it to mouth either… 
Song River: What's the most embarrassing band you listen to?

Christina Chris: Mine. They embarrass me all the time. Usually in truck stops! 

Song River: How has this tour with Seether been? What if anything would you say you have learned?

Christina Chris: The tour has been absolutely phenomenal. We don't want it to end! Sold out shows galore, and Seether are some of the coolest guys, their crew included. The fans have been amazing and just great vibes all across the board. 

Christina Chris: What I learned this tour is not to go on a guided ghost tour when drunk.   ;) 

Song River: Why should people experience your music?

Christina Chris: It's a good dose of real life, relatable songs that make you feel empowered & happy. I don't know about you - but I love positive experiences, and to experience our album “Experience”, is one of those experiences

Song River: You get to have an audience of fans undivided attention for ten minutes. What would you tell them or sing to them?

Christina Chris: We usually get about 30 minutes a night and we do our Kaleido thing up on the stage and spray good vibes all over them!

Song River:  If you had to have five albums with you and they were to be the only music from now to eternity... would what they be?

Christina Chris: Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction 
Blink 182 - Enema of the State
Eagles - Hotel California 
Michael Jackson - Thriller 
KISS - Alive! 

Song River:  If you could ask yourself one question what would it be?

Christina Chris: I never question myself. 

Song River:  What are some of the unwritten rules of tours, performing, recording, living a band life?

Christina Chris: Don't post photos of tour laminates, be side-stage on time and if you're wearing a t-shirt - roll your sleeves. Unwritten rule of recording - if you mess up, you can do it again. Apple Z. Living a band life - PERSONAL HYGIENE

Song River: Your album 'Experience' has really been well accepted. As an artist when you are approaching releasing your work - do you try not to have expectations of any kind?

Christina Chris: No expectations. We just make the music we make, get it out there and hope people dig it as much as we do. 

Song River: Does each band member have a particular favorite song on the album?

Christina Chris: Not really - we love all the songs for different reasons and we hand-chose them and ordered them according to where they belonged on “Experience”. They're all part of the Experience, each one important. Plus there's that old saying - can't ask parents who their favorite kid is - we feel like that about our songs .. they're like our babies ! ;) 

“Die Tryin’” video link

Kaleido on tour with Seether and Letters From The Fire:

May 31 - Salt Lake City, UT - Liquid Joe's ^^
Jun. 01 - Boise, ID - Knitting Factory Concert House **
Jun. 03 - Paradise, CA - White Water Saloon ^^
Jun. 05 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore***
Jun. 06 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues***
Jun. 07 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre***
Jun. 10 - Saint Louis, MO -The Pageant***
July 09th – Toledo, OH – Centennial Terrace w/Rob Zombie

* w/ Seether & Letters From The Fire
*** w/ Seether & Through Fire
^ w/ Letters From The Fire
^^ Kaleido headline

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