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BANGS! is always looking to find ways to connect YOU, the fans, closer to your favorite bands. Music Video TakeOver does just that! Your favorite bands and musicians choose music videos that have influenced them, challenged them, or just blown them away- then share them with you. Settle in, plug in and turn it up!

All Hail The Yeti: Connor, Nick, Junior, Alan

This video is visually stunning. The imagery is so suggestive. To me this one of the most artistic videos to pair with one of my favorite songs!- Connor Garrity

Fever Ray, "When I Grow Up"
 Directed by Martin de Thurrah

This video is unbelievable! It's like watching a beautiful move. Except it's satanic undertones make it terrifying!!- Connor Garrity

Behemoth- "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel"

"Motley Crue because it's the classic rock and roll circus dream. Busses, Girls, Sold out arena shows all with your best friends. doesn't get any better than that."- Junior

Mötley Crüe - Home Sweet Home ORIGINAL

 Because it scared the shit out of me. A very awkward and disturbing video. Very abstract with stuff like the mouthpiece, Dancing marionettes on stilts as well as him... he looks very sick and demonic. I remember just having a very unsettling feeling watching this video... I like when music and art can make you feel a certain way whether it's a good feeling or not. That means it's done well." - Junior 

"Beautiful People"- "Marilyn Manson

"Just simply a beautiful song and a phenomenal video. Bjork always pushes the envelope with visually and sonically stunning material. Also, love the homage to classic Japanese animation with the whole Ghost In The Shell vibe."- Nick 

Bjork "All is Full of Love"

"This is a band from Chicago called Chrome Waves. A side project made up of members or ex-members of bands like Atlas Moth, The Faceless, and Abigail Williams. They were shown to me several years ago and I've always dug showing it to other people. Love the black and white. The song is super heavy and the video is just really powerful and stylish overall."-Nick 

CHROME WAVES "Light Behind A Shadow"

"This was one of the first heavy bands I really got into. When I was younger I always thought all the shots with the light coming through the room and giving the band a silhouette look was rad. There was something very raw and real about the video. Also, I was always creeped out by clowns and this stuck out to me because clowns to me never really showed true emotions. There always just putting on an act."- Alan 

Glass Jaw "Ape Dos Mil"

"I mean does this really need an explanation. Micheal changed the game of music videos and making them short films more than 3:30-second videos. Also, I remember the first time I watched this video Vincent's price scared the living hell out of me that I had to ask my mom to change the channel."- Alan 

Michael Jackson- "Thriller"

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