Music Video TakeOver with Will Wood of Will Wood & the Tapeworm

Featuring Will Wood of Will Wood & the Tapeworm on our Music Video Takeover: Watch for Will Wood's Up Close & Personal Interview coming Monday in BANGS!

#1- Andrew Bird - Imitosis

“I think people listening to my music would never assume I’m a massive Andrew Bird fan, but he’s been my favorite for a few months. His use of medical and scientific terms coupled with the sound of his plucked violin creates a fascinating vibe that I can’t resist listening really carefully to. This video does a great job conveying the general impression I’ve always gotten from his work.”

#2- Tool – Stinkfist

“The horror in Adam Jones’ vision is unsettling as all hell. Weirdly beautiful yet simultaneously sickening. Like the biomechanics of H.R. Giger. When working with Maynard James Keenan’s disturbing lyrics yet sweet vocals and the rest of the band’s highly unconventional instrumentation, this has made Tool what it is, and made it such an inspiration of mine”

#3 – The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

“Comedy is a very serious thing, and serious things can be very funny. There are few things in this world that amuse me more than the abuse of the stage and film, and forced anachronism or disjointed portrayals of mismatched elements.”

#4 – Radiohead – No Surprises

“I know, I know, Radiohead. But this music video really transcends the norms of the art form in a really fascinating way. I don’t want to give anything away but this is really worth a watch. Also I fucking love radiohead.”

# 5- Sigma – Find Me ft. Birdy

“What’s not to love about this?”