Wicked Wednesday Bring Us Screaming For Silence As They Answer Our 16 BULLETS!

16 Bullets- with Screaming For Silence

Song River: Do you feel music in general has rules or more like guidelines?

  • Zeb Christensen: I would think more guidelines than rules.  I also think every musician has its own thinking of that question.  When we write we don't rule anything out but we also know what kind of sound we are going for. 
Song River: Talk to me about the production on your music. Do you have a favorite recording studio?

  • Zeb Christensen: We have been lucky enough to work with Erik Ron who is one of the hottest producers out right now.  He owns a studio named Grey Area Studios in California. I can't imagine recording anywhere else.
Song River: Overall how does the band work together when recording?

  • Zeb Christensen: It's awesome when we all sit in the same room and ideas start flowing.  One thing about our music is that we all have input. It's not just one guy writing all the parts.  We all get to have say on what comes out.  It's a great team effort.
Song River: How often do you work on your music? This can include songwriting, practicing the instruments? 

  • Zeb Christensen: I don't think there is day that goes by that we aren't doing something band related. There is so much that goes into it and we love it.  Every day we know is an opportunity to make ourselves better as a band and as a musician.
Song River:  Does the band have a philosophy/Motto?

  • Zeb Christensen: Rule #1 Don't Be A Dummy and #boomtitties
Song River: What is it you want your music to say to the world?

  • Zeb Christensen: When we write music all of the songs have certain meanings to us but someone else could get a different meaning of the song which is awesome.  It's just cool when people can relate. Thats our goal is to make music people can relate to.
Song River:  Do any of you have a 'secret' band or musician you love that everyone would go...  “No Way, not them!”.

  • Zeb Christensen: I would say either Ke$ha or Lady Gaga.  Very often you will hear those two blaring in the van!
Song River: When was the last time you figuratively put your foot in your mouth? How were you able to recover?

  • Zeb Christensen: Honestly I think our is more that sometimes we are too quiet.  We try to keep to ourselves and focus on what we are doing than get mixed up in all of the drama. Sometimes people take that the wrong way.
Song River: Touring can be such a mixed bag of emotions. What are some of the things you look forward to when you hit the road and the various towns/cities?

  • Zeb Christensen: It's honestly just getting to see so much of the country.  One day ewe could be in the snow the next day it could be 90 degrees in the desert.  We are so lucky to be able to travel and see so much.  When we are in cities we always try to find a cool local restaurant.  We love to eat.
Song River: What if anything would you say you have learned the most about yourself or selves through your own music?

  • Zeb Christensen: This is our outlet.  Music is the one thing where we get to go and just cut loose.  Also we've learned that if you work hard and keep your mind to it you can do anything.  To look back and see what we have accomplished is so fun to do.  We also owe that to all of our fans and friends that have believed in us.
Song River: Why should people experience your music?

  • Zeb Christensen: I truly believe we have a song for everyone.  I think that it can be an outlet for people to relate to. So hopefully when they experience it maybe it can get them through a hard time or help them cut loose.
Song River: You get to have an audience of fans undivided attention for ten minutes. What would you tell them or sing to them?

  • Zeb Christensen: We would play as many of our songs as we could in those ten minutes. We aren't big on talking or bantering on stage.  We just want to get up there and rip it and let the music speak for itself. 
Song River: Is your music open to interpretation by your listeners?

  • Zeb Christensen: For sure.  We want the listeners to have their own take on it.  Like I said we don't talk a lot about the meanings of the songs.  Of course they have certain meanings for us but its however you want to take it.
Song River: Does our society still have hope? If so, what solutions would you give to assist in change for the better?

  • Zeb Christensen: I do think we have hope. I think we just need to start thinking about one another more. We get so wrapped up in our own worlds we don't think about others.  The more that starts to happen the better.
Song River: If you could ask yourself one question what would it be?

  • Zeb Christensen: Why is Zima so good?
Song River: What are some of the unwritten rules of tours, performing, recording, living a band life?

  • Zeb Christensen: I always tell bands to have a reliable vehicle. So many times we have been stranded on the road and it's the worst.  Also stock up on baby wipes!
Song River: Have you ever been told you break the mold?

  • Zeb Christensen: I have heard that a time or two.  I think by chasing music and not living the everyday live we are trying to break that mold!